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When I was talking recently about my internship in obstetrics and gynecology, I was asked, “Are you really looking forward to childbirth more or less now that you’ve seen how it goes?” I didn’t have to think carefully about this answer: “More, definitely more”.

I would like to have children in the future. It looks really nice to me. But this boy… I don’t know, to be honest it sounds awful to me.

On my first night shift, I saw my first vaginal birth. great experience. The future mother was already quite wide when we took over the service, and therefore she was allowed to start paying almost immediately. Dad stood at the head of the bed. It was their first child. Apparently my dad wasn’t quite sure what to do with the whole situation. When his wife complained of the pain, he looked anxiously at the midwife, and a somewhat clumsy “You’re fine” person followed him in his wife’s direction. Very touching, next to the midwife standing at the end of the bed screaming, “Squeeze, squeeze, again, yeah, yeah, yeah, come on, very well, one more, you can do it! My mom finished it, sweat pouring down her forehead and she was exhausted : “Please let this child come.”

And then finally: the head was held high. I haven’t seen that before. In fact, I never knew what they meant by “head standing”. But when I saw him I knew, and at the same time I also knew: this hurts, so much pain. I saw a little head and his hair running through my mother’s legs. He was stuck: not really normal, but he didn’t come back after the contraction was over. So everything (yes, everything) was tense. The midwife almost exclaimed, “It’s over, it’s over! Look, Dad, the head is standing! Come see, do you want to see him? But Dad didn’t want to see him at all.” “No, no, I’m fine here.” ‘Not right.’ It’s really special. “No, no” Dad really didn’t like it. He’s afraid to see things he’d rather not see and never forget. Please, don’t make him come and have a look, I thought, because then the poor man would die. But for Hassan Luck does not happen.

The baby was born in the next contraction. It was placed on the mother’s chest and after it dried up, he began to cry forcefully. “Concentrate now,” I thought to myself; I’ve heard from other colleagues that they didn’t always keep it dry at this point. But it was going well, I thought, until I looked at Dad. Tears rolled down his cheeks and he didn’t say anything. I watched alone. He stared lovingly at his wife and newborn child. Yes, and then I also had to swallow three times. Fortunately, the midwife spoke to me afterwards: “Let’s leave all three together.”

This was very special.

But no matter how special I think of this moment, giving birth to myself seems horrible to me. I was wondering why more women didn’t give birth by caesarean section. It seemed easy to me. She makes a hole, takes the child out and closes the hole again. No hassles with contractions, hours of pushing or ripping. But I came back from it.

I was shocked at the first caesarean section I saw. The incision was made and the doctor then inserted her fingers to widen the opening. Well so far. But when the hole was large enough, they and the gynecologist went to the hole with their hands. Their fingers include the abs. Then they literally hung from the muscles with their weight. “Grss”, there was a gap between the right and left rows of the abs. “A little more,” said the gynecologist. And again they hung on the muscles. The expectant mother is lying with her head behind a screen and she cannot see yet. Dad would sometimes secretly look around the corner. I thought again: don’t do that, don’t look, I don’t know if you want to see this. But luckily it went well. The gap between the muscles is now large enough and the uterus can open. Then the baby was removed from the womb and born. Once again very special. The father looked at his child lovingly. Unfortunately, my mom couldn’t enjoy it yet. She developed epidural nausea and vomited while her back was on the operating table. I don’t think there is a more uncomfortable position to vomit. We sewed up the wound quickly, so you could at least recover in a normal bed.

Certainly this was also very special and beautiful. But no, a caesarean section doesn’t seem ideal for me either. So children: very cute. Like: Not at all. I think I need to mentally process this first. Fortunately, I wasn’t planning on having children at the moment. First he became a doctor.

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