Ask your partner these 20 questions to strengthen your relationship

Whether you’ve been happy with your partner for years or are currently in a slump, you can ask your partner the following 20 questions to strengthen the relationship and bring you closer to each other.

Questions to ask your partner in your relationship

The questionnaire is the idea of ​​d. Gottman, an American psychologist who has been researching marriage and divorce for more than 40 years and has received many awards for it. The idea behind these “simple” questions is to develop your intimate relationship.

Listening to your partner helps build a better future together. Asking each other these questions makes it easier to understand each other’s needs, thoughts, and emotions. Don’t forget to have fun answering questions, be open to conversation and discover something new about your partner – even if you’ve been together for a long time.

1. What is the highlight of your day?

A question you should ask each other on a regular basis. Don’t forget to share the highlights – big or small.

2. What are you grateful for?

A relatively easy question that many people find difficult to answer. Keep it positive and find out what your partner is grateful for.

3. What are your fondest childhood memories?

Everyone is born and raised in a different way. Events from your childhood shape you as an adult. By asking questions about the other’s opinions and needs, you can better understand them. need help? For example, ask about the relationship with parents (or guardians), share fun and embarrassing memories, and show affection.

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4. What is a bad memory for you?

To make your relationship grow, you can’t just talk about nice things. To discover why someone like him exists, it is also good to know what bad experiences and traumas are. In any case, choose the timing wisely, show that you are for the other person and in severe shock, you can suggest seeking help to solve unresolved problems.

5. What qualities do you like in yourself?

It’s time for a gentler question, because you really know about your partner’s self-esteem and what he loves about himself? Keep in mind that it is not easy for everyone to answer the question: in this case you may be able to submit a draft, but do not pay if your partner does not wish to continue with it.

6. What features do you like the most about me?

Cute and Fun Too: Flip the question and ask your partner about the cute qualities about you. I bet you’ll feel a tickle in your stomach again when you get a sweet answer?

7. When do you feel connected to me?

To build trust and feelings for each other, discuss when you feel most connected to each other. The answer may surprise you. It doesn’t always have to be during sex.

8. What are you most proud of?

It helps your relationship focus on the good in your life. Boost your mood and relationship by discussing the things you are most proud of. Big or small, all answers are correct.

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9. What profession are you still curious about?

Suppose you could be anything you want to be…what job would you choose? It is healthy to dream and to have a pleasant discussion, even if the dream never came true.

10. How can I help you increase your trust in me?

In a healthy and stable relationship, there is good trust between two people. But the older you get, the more baggage a person takes with them. For example, there may be things you can do to increase trust in your relationship.

11. What are your goals for the next year?

What do you dream of? What habits do you want to break? Or what helps you become happier? The perfect question to discuss your individual goals as well as your shared ideas.

12. What habit do you want to get rid of?

Well, no one is perfect and you also have traits that may not flatter you. What is the habit you want to get rid of?

13. What is something I don’t know about you yet that would surprise me?

You may think that you know your partner through and through. But even in a long-term relationship, there’s probably something you haven’t learned about each other yet. Write down some facts about yourself that your partner doesn’t already know and show that you’re curious about your loved one.

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14. What does your perfect evening look like?

In other words, describe your perfect night (and then do it in the future).

15. When was the last time you cried and for what?

This is an intimate question that has to do with love and respect. It’s not easy to share your weak side, but at the same time you help build a close bond and even improve your sex life.

16. How would your parents describe you?

The relationship between a parent and child says a lot about a person. It’s fun to hear this question from your partner. You already know how you see each other, but what would his/her parents say? In the event of unpleasant events or trauma, it is wise not to put too much pressure on your partner and keep it positive.

17. What is your biggest fear?

Deep question, what is it that makes you so anxious that it keeps you up at night?

18. What is your ultimate fantasy?

This can be about sex and in this way deepen your sexual connection, but it can also be about fantasies in the broadest sense of the word.

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19. What is your favorite book and movie?

This is a relatively simple question to start the conversation and to show your partner that communication is fun and good and doesn’t always have to be about heavy topics.

20. Have you ever felt neglected, and if so, why?

Almost everyone feels invisible and unheard at times – even in a relationship. It can leave a scar consciously or unconsciously. Good time to talk about it.

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Source: Gottman
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