The search reveals the type of person who will steal your partner

A psychologist has investigated a phenomenon that has been made in many films, books, and series: people stalking someone who is already in love. Who does such a thing? Science now has an answer.

Home destroyer. Adultery in Dutch, according to Google. Someone who will dig into marriage. Flirting with a married man, eloping with your wife. that it metaphor Which Hollywood writers are happy to use in serials and movies.

Who is rooted in the relationship?

Unfortunately, it’s also something that happens in real life. In English you have the term mate poaching, a term describing an individual who “stalks” someone who is already in a committed monogamous relationship. Research shows that about seventy percent of both men and women have experienced it at some point.

But what would make someone put it in his or her head to go after a busy person? A recently published scientific study looked at exactly this question. The result was an interesting research paper published in the Journal of Sex Research.

187 pairs examined

The study was conducted by psychologist Igor Kardom and his team at the University of Rijeka. Even in Croatia. They took 187 white couples from Croatia a sample.

All spouses were married, living together, or dating exclusively. Also, all 187 couples have been together for at least six months. They were then given a questionnaire to complete at home. Some questions were about character traits, but there were also Overfishing Requested. In other words: rooting in relationships.

The results were great. The survey provides a kind of profile of the most likely person poacher to be. In other words: an answer to the type of person who pursues the busy person.

Research: Do men and women really think differently about sex?

men vs women

As far as men are concerned, you are talking about a low conscience, i.e. a person who is not easily disturbed by his own conscience, and high Machiavellians as adjectives associated with attempts to chase after an occupied woman.

This is consistent with the image that Machiavellians are manipulative and selfish. When you talk about “catch” women, they have shown particularly high levels of extraversion, extroversion, and psychopathy.

“High psychopathy and Machiavellianism, especially in men, were found to be the main indicators of a tendency to stalk a busy individual, in both men and women. Contrary to our expectations, narcissism based on the personality traits analyzed did not have a consistent effect on them,” the researchers said. . A startling conclusion, given that the label “narcissist” appears quickly when we talk about this type of “hunter”.

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open doors

Also note: low compatibility, a personality trait that manifests in individual behavioral traits perceived as friendly, sympathetic, cooperative, warm, and considerate, makes men more likely to be “hunters” than to be alone. Partner is being chased. Somewhere an open door, but still.

The researchers also note that whether a man goes hunting depends almost exclusively on his personality traits, while for women it also depends on the personality of their partner.

Next time on Tinder

Despite all the scientific analyzes, this research does not immediately guarantee that you know exactly who is or is not a danger to your relationship. Unfortunately. In addition, you use a sample Very limited, as they only considered Croatian, white, and heterosexual couples.

The next time you start a conversation on Tinder, you at least know what personality traits to bring up right away. Especially if your date is from Croatia. Curious to know more details from the research? Then you can read the newspaper for yourself here.

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The search reveals the type of person who will steal your partner

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