Sinterklaas is back in the country, Le Guess Who? And a march without walls

This weekend too, there is plenty to experience in Utrecht. If you guess who? Thursday starts, Friday is the end of Utrecht 900 and on Saturday you can watch the Utrecht Lumen. He will return to the country on Sunday, and Sinterklaas will arrive in Utrecht that day. From Saturday children can already visit the House of Sinterklaas in the Catharijneconvent Museum.

If you guess who?

where: Various locations in Utrecht
When: Thursday 10 November to Sunday 13 November
price: Differs

Music lovers can indulge in Utrecht this weekend. From thursday, lu jess who? And it loses again with performances by more than 150 artists from all over the world. The festival is known for its idiosyncrasies, and during this 15th anniversary, the program was once again filled with surprising names. The show ranges from musical performances to art exhibitions and film screenings. You are? It is the free daytime program of Le Guess Who?, designed for and with the city. Music performances, workshops and other activities can be visited in eight different neighborhoods of Utrecht.

Close Utrecht 900

where: multiple places
When: Friday 11 November
price: Differs

Utrecht turned 900 years old this year and is widely celebrated. The festivities will conclude this Friday with another activity-packed day, coinciding with the celebration of Saint Martin, the patron saint of Utrecht. The highlight of the day is Parade without Walls, a special edition of the annual Sint Maarten Parade. This year, 2,000 people will take part in the illuminated show with choirs, orchestras, dancers and light sculptures. After the show, there is a closing party at Moreelsepark.

Utrecht Lumen Tour

where: Cathedral Square
When: Every Saturday at 8.30 pm
price: 9.75 €

For those craving some light on dark evenings, there’s good news: Utrecht Lumen is back with guided tours of the artistically lit buildings and sites. This way you discover the story behind each artwork and get interesting insight into the history of the sites and buildings. Some light artwork juxtaposes a famous building, while others take you to an amazing place you wouldn’t have come quickly or pass completely during the day.

Innocence Café

where: Free State
When: Every Saturday from five in the evening until eight in the evening
price: Free

The Free State is an artistic place for children and youth. Together with artists from different disciplines, they can work there to discover and develop their creative talents. At VrijSpraak Café, young people are welcome on Saturday evenings to relax, dine and participate in various cultural activities. The café is for young people and through them, the group itself defines how creative workshops will be carried out: from fashion to photography, podcasts to graphic design, spoken word to TikTok.

Sinterclass House

where: Catharijneconvent Museum
WhenSaturday 12 November to Monday 5 December
price: First free weekend, after that €7.50

Sinterklaas is coming to stay at the Catharijneconvent Museum again! Children and their parents (grandparents) are welcome to visit his temporary residence. On a theatrical tour they are shown around the different living quarters of Saint Nicholas and learn more about his life and the history of the Sinterklaas Festival in a playful way. Each year, the House of Sinterklaas is dominated by a legend surrounding Sint-Nicolaas and the customs associated with them. In this version you will hear more about the legend of the three girls and gold coins and you will find out why people eat chocolate coins with Sinterklaas.

Jan Banning Photo Gallery

where: City Theater
When: Every day until December 4
price: Free

Artist and photographer Yan Banning is best known worldwide for his book and exhibition Bureaucrats about civil servants in Bolivia, China, France, India, Liberia, Russia, the United States, and Yemen. This work has been shown in museums and galleries in more than twenty countries. A number of images from this series can now be enjoyed in the lobby of Stadsschouwburg. Additionally, Banning features a number of portraits from his “Down and Out in the South” series about homeless people in the American South.

All Night English Comedy

where: Utrecht Music School
When: Every Saturday until the 4th of December
price: 18.50 EUR

Stand-up comedy was once invented in English, comedy is the “coming home” of Comedyhuis’ All English Comedy Night. The best English-speaking comedians are invited to perform and share their views on Holland and the Dutch. This Saturday with performances by Zova Martins, Kristel Zwers, Greg Shapiro, Trista Merema and Neil Robinson. The All English Comedynight takes place at the De Utrechtse Muziekschool in Domplein.

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