Good for Amstelveen’s speech on the 2023 budget

During a meeting of the Amstelveen City Council on November 9, 2022, speech by Jacqueline Hooker, leader of the Goed voor Amstelveen party:

In times of war, natural disasters, energy poverty and water shortages, we are still in a safe place in Amstelveen. Unfortunately, uncertainty also plays an important role in our country. Putting a booming economy first has brought a lot to the Netherlands. But economic interest also has a dark side: it is always conditional and always about money. ROI, the ability to repay through investment. The differences between income groups in our society is increasing.

Just look at the housing shortage and the inequality of opportunity. But times are changing, there are different values. People are again looking for authenticity, honesty, equality and reliability. As a municipality, it is our duty to be a reliable government and to ensure a safe city. I am also briefly referring to the Cybercrime Initiative proposal to be put forward.

We are now one Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Sustainable Development Goals – The municipality with its seventeen sustainability goals. It’s great to have interns limit the annual theme engagement to how engagement actually shapes up, but for that we need a budget and introduce an amendment as a board to make 50,000 euros available for 2023. As a working group, we need that budget to actively start with SDG

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Jacqueline Hooker, Leader of Good for Amstelveen

but first energy crisis. High energy costs are driving residents and businesses into desperation, we know this and we’ve discussed this extensively with each other. As a board, we chose to jointly introduce an emergency fund adjustment to meet rising costs. Goed voor Amstelveen (GvA) is concerned about people who depend on medical equipment for survival, such as mobile scooters, electric wheelchairs, dialysis equipment, ventilators, chair lifts, and people who suffer from rheumatism and therefore need heat. The GvA is relying on the municipal executive to include this group in the development of the emergency fund and to submit an urgent application to the executive. As far as the energy crunch is concerned, the income group just above the minimum income of up to 130% falls between two chairs. So we will also present the D66 proposal.

living. As far as housing is concerned, and the associated housing shortage, many things have gone wrong in the past due to many factors. As a GvA, we are pleased that the Alliance is making good efforts to build housing for low and middle income people.

cultural institutions. There are major concerns, except for high inflation, a 2.5% CTA increase, rising energy costs, and disappointing visitor numbers due to various reasons such as Corona and inflation. As an example: De Schouwburg expects a deficit of 330,000 in 2022 and the Cobra Museum expects a loss of 300,000 euros. Institutions are very concerned. In 2021, Amstelveen received €606,103 specifically for local cultural infrastructure. Many institutions did not have to rely on this at the time, but now they are facing serious problems and wish they were able to claim it, because now the national government is withdrawing their support. Government funds of €606,103 have been put into public reserve and Goed voor Amstelveen wants to know to what extent cultural institutions can count on the non-standard portion that was allocated by the government to cultural institutions? Please answer this.

Then animal welfare. Due to the increase in the number of pets, there are also increasing accidents. Think aggression from other animals, conflicts and aggression from other pet owners, wild animals feeling lonely, and biting incidents that lead to death. The De Ronde Venen/Amstelland Animal Ambulance has always considered it essential that there be a shared responsibility for the district to attract animal police and/or viper animals, someone who has knowledge of the animals and can take action when necessary. So we are going to make an Animal Enforcement app suggestion. In addition, we will organize a board meeting with people who have experience in animal care.

Then about internationalization. Amstelvin communicates a lot with the international community, ensuring that people feel warmly welcomed and able to integrate. 47% of our population is from the international community. During the council meeting, I mentioned the presence of a large group of indigenous people who no longer feel welcome and are becoming isolated from their environment. We think these people should be listened to, too. We hear more and more of the voices that the original Amstelveners want to convey. We would like to be able to discuss this at another time.

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