Geert Wilders looks forward to Zwarte Piet in the country, many reactions

Geert Wilders seems to be looking forward to the Sinterklaas party. Then with (real black) Pete as far as he is interested. He announced this yesterday in a tweet he posted during his stay in New York.

The PVV leader has now returned to Dutch soil. This applies to Sinterklaas and his entourage next Saturday. TV entry for the Saint Man this year in Hellevoetsluis and Sinterklaas News direct reports. The presenter of this programme, Dewertje Block, was in the news herself yesterday. She contradicted 538 Radio Block rumors that she would be leaving Sinterklaas News after 22 years.

Geert Wilders wanted Zwart Pitt to be black for years

Geert Wilders has known for years that, as far as he is concerned, Zwarti’s house should have remained “merely” Zwarti’s house. Too black. The PVV member sees this as a true Dutch tradition. What else has been going on for years: the Zwarte Piet discussion. This resulted in Pieten in other colors or soot on television and also upon many entering the country.

This year the discussion hasn’t really taken the upper hand, although it occasionally appears in the news (like Emmen, see box). After a new vision, film producer Burnie Boss wants his movie Sinterklaas . horse It is no longer shown on TV. And the village of IJsselmeer Volendam recently decided that the real Zwarte Piet at the entrance is a thing of the past. In Volendam, supporters and opponents came into conflict during their previous arrival. Although Sinterklaas should be a party for the kids, the atmosphere got “too bleak” according to the two organizing committees.

Distilling Oil on a Zwarte Pieten Fire Discussion

As far as Geert Wilders is concerned, the Zwarte Piet discussion is still up. He tweeted a text yesterday, even if it was only one line. Back home on Saturday. For me forever: Sinterklaas and Zwarte Piet! He completed his opinion with a picture of a house painted black.

It’s been eight years since the FJP introduced an unimplemented bill in the House of Representatives on aiding Sinterklaas. The law had to ensure that Zwarte Piet remained black. If the “Zwarte Piet Act” is adopted, it will state that municipalities may only participate in Sinterklaas ceremonies, including traditional access, if Zwarte Piet is really black – or dark brown. Different colored Piets will be blocked. PVV MP Martin Bosma wrote the proposal with Geert Wilders. There is a war going on against Zwarte Piet. Ministers and mayors are obligated to give this loyal helper a different color. It may not happen. Our culture should not be compromised from above. This law is intended to protect Zwarte Piet,” Bosma said. At the time, Wilders and members of his party believed it was irrational — and in any case Wilders still does — that Zwarte Piet had anything to do with racism or discrimination.

Numerous reactions on Twitter about Zwarte Piet

This one sentence of Geert Wilders has been widely answered, by both supporters and opponents of his message. Someone who agrees with the politician says: Well, for me too in principle, but I have to put my principles aside for my 3-year-old son and say that soft wipes and cheesecake are also there. There is also insight provided. For example, one of them wrote: “This is how I was a few years ago, until I saw that my grandchildren didn’t care at all, as long as the party went on. In the end, only adults care.”

One tweet from Gerrit: “It’s a kids’ party, Mr. Wilders, and it’s really going to itch kids at Lone Piet. Embrace 2022, not 1970 anymore. You’re smart enough for that. Someone else is actually sick of grumbling about Zwarte Piet: he’s I always celebrated it as a kid and never had any trouble with it. But hey, I wouldn’t worry about a kids party either. Kids don’t know what tradition is and don’t really care about it. Are you sick of this bullshit on both sides…!”

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