A singing parade of 600 children passes through Montfort on Thursday 17 November

Publication date: 10-11-2022
Updated on: 10-11-2022 15:43

A singing parade of 600 children passes through Montfort on Thursday 17 November

Source: Harmke Martens, Municipality of Montfort

A festive start of the construction of the Montfort Children’s Center

On Thursday 17th November it’s time. The municipality of Montfort and the parties concerned will then celebrate the start of construction of the new children’s center in Montfort. All future users are invited; Three primary schools, childcare and all children. This means that at least 600 children in Montfort are expected to spend a celebratory moment on the site of the still vacant building. Under musical accompaniment, the procession will move from the current building to the new location for the first time Thursday morning.

Children’s Center in Montfort
The three elementary schools Graaf Jan, De Howiblo and De Hobbitstee in Montfort and after-school care KMN Kind & CO will be housed in new homes. Together they will make up the center of the child. A place where each organization can spread its identity and where special activities are offered and where there is collaboration through the shared use of spaces.

new building
The Children’s Center in Montfort will be the beating heart where play and learning meet. Friendly environment and flexibility in current and future use. A sturdy, easy to maintain and cheerful building in which children can grow and thrive. The new location is the so-called “former Hovland School”, in Parklane in Montfort, near the tennis club and hockey courts.

start building
Construction is scheduled to begin in November 2022. On Wednesday, November 2, the site was officially handed over to Pelican Popdrive. The construction company is the first company to start the piling works, which will lay the foundation for the new baby center. The first pile will soon be pushed into the ground. In total, no less than 127 piles are paid.

Party on Thursday 17th November
Together with all users and stakeholders, the municipality of Montfort will celebrate the start of construction on Thursday 17 November. On that day, all the users, i.e. the three schools and childcare, will visit the construction site. At the beginning of the day, they depart from their present location, the school complex at Van Damstraat in Montfort, for the construction site. Musically accompanied by ZWUP Fun Church. Together, the symbolic starting signal for the construction of the Montfort Child Center is presented at the construction site.

see through
In the coming months, the milestones of the new Child Center in Montfort will become more and more apparent. The goal and expectation is that the three schools and
Childcare could transition in early 2024.

More information: www.montfoort.nl/kindcentrum or www.kindcentrummontfoort.nl.

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