Picnics in Groningen and Drenthe: Formula 1, Lanterns and Christmas

Join us on the Sint Martinus parade in Groningen, immerse yourself in Christmas, enjoy classical music, visit a presentation on Formula 1 or improvisational theatre. In short: don’t get bored in the coming days!

Performance for true Formula 1 fans!

Interest in Formula 1 has increased further since Max Verstappen became the first Dutchman to be crowned world champion in 2021. Formula 1 is currently the fastest growing sport in the Netherlands in terms of popularity. For many true enthusiasts, Formula 1 racing is not without clever comments by Olaf Moll and Jacques Pleug.

Olaf Mull has been hanging in the GP since 1991 and in recent years at Ziggo Sport. There is no greater expert than Mol in the field of Formula 1. From history to obscure facts, Mol knows everything. Reporter Jack Plooij provides contributions from Paddock and interviews drivers and team leaders. Today they report Live Together every weekend for the Grand Prix Radio. Now Mol and Plooij are back together on stage with Race Stage Show to share their passion. There they get an exclusive look behind the scenes. Interesting facts, anecdotes, secrets of drivers, which a connoisseur, but also an ordinary person can indulge in.

Hoogeveen – De Tamboer, Thursday 8pm, €29.50

Opening ceremony by guest conductor Hartmut Hanschen

Nord Nederlands Orchestra’s long-standing wish has come true: Hartmut Heinchen will be the permanent guest conductor as of this season. A great honor, because thanks to his long track record, Haenchen can be considered among the top maestro.

His relationship with NNO Sealed on Thursday at De Oosterpoort in Groningen. Verdi’s Requiem is one of the most impressive experiences you can have in a concert hall: Requiem for the Dead, but it was written by a composer who’s been leading his frenetic audience for years with opera. So the Italian Church thought Verdi had gone too far. Now you can only be happy that this super expressive music came out of his pen.

Groningen – De Oosterpoort, Thursday 8.15pm, €44.95 (up to 29 €12.50)

It’s Christmas time again

It’s the start of Christmas this year at Museum Collection Brands. You can visit the Christmas and Cards Fair until January 8th. The title says it all, it’s an exhibit on the history of Christmas and the traditions associated with Christmas, such as sending out Christmas and New Year cards.

Christmas was not celebrated for the first time in the Roman Empire until the fourth century. However, Christmas has much older customs and comes from other cultures. in the exhibition Christmas card You learn exactly how this works. For example, think about a Christmas tree and how to decorate it. The second part of the exhibition focuses specifically on the Christmas and New Year’s card. More than 200 Christmas cards can be admired from 1880 to the present.

Nieuw-Dordrecht – Museum Collection Brands, until January 8, Tue-Sunday 12-4 pm, €8.50 (6-14 years old €2.50)

helpless? No, we are capable of this!

Suppose you have a brain injury that limits your memory and assume you want to act, how do you do that? At De Doornvogels they know how: by improvisation! This theater troupe, made up of the residents of Herenlo (formerly de Norderbrog), improvises surprising scenes despite or because of their limitations.

Playing them creates emotion, surprise, and fun, all with a healthy dose of self-irony. Supported by well-known improv actors from the region, they perform Thursday at the Grand Theater Groningen. helpless? No, we are capable of this! During the performance, there are two sign language interpreters for deaf visitors

Groningen – Grand Theatre, Thursday 8pm, €10

Saint Martins parade with homemade lanterns

during the Groningen St Maarten days find in Thursday Annual Saint Martin Parade place. Children with their homemade lanterns (forage beets) follow Saint Martin on horseback and Roman soldiers.

Decorated cargo bikes run the length of the procession and the procession is accompanied by accompaniment music. – Admission from 4 pm in the courtyard of the A.D. Museum Groningen; Departure at 4.15pm from the museum via Brugstraat, A-kerkhof, Stoeldraaierstraat, Zwanestraat, Grote Markt and Martinikerkhof to Martinikerk. In Martinikerk the Saint Martin story is told, there is singing (together), hot chocolate is served and there is a big lantern competition.

Groningen – NDA Museum, Thursday 4.15pm, free

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