Now and tomorrow week 45 for the municipality of Heusden

The municipal information page Nu & Morgen is published weekly and contains all the mandatory advertisements and publications of the municipality of Heusden. Below you will find Nu & Morgen week 45 and the archive of the past five weeks.

At Nu & Morgen Week 45, care is taken to apply for a new passport or ID, council meeting, looking for new mayors, seeing drinking makes drinking, preventing food waste, measuring bird flu

Apply for a new passport and ID card
You always apply for a passport or ID card and get it yourself. Are you 18 years old or older? Then you can also start submitting your application online. You need a DigiD for this. You still have to go to the city council to hand in a passport photo and signature. You can also submit an application at the municipal office in Vlijmen.
NB! Are you going on vacation abroad? Check in advance if you need an ID or passport. ID card is not enough for some countries within Europe.

board meeting
Do you want to know how we as a municipality handle your tax money as wisely as possible? How do we make it more sustainable or how do we deal with public spaces or other things that are also important to your future? Then come to the board meeting.
The city council meets on Thursday 10 November to discuss the budget for 2023. It is the first budget after the municipal elections. The 2023 budget sets out policy goals for 2023, how they will be set and what financial resources are available for this.
This makes it one of the most important political meetings of the year. The budget meeting begins at 17:00 at City Hall and can also be followed via a live broadcast on the website.

Looking for new young mayors
Unfortunately, the tenure of young mayor Ninki and Dan will soon end. That is why we are looking for new young mayors. Nienke and Daan recorded a video to explain exactly what young mayors do.
They represent the municipality in special occasions, celebrations and receptions with the mayor. They also tell in the video how new candidates can apply. This video will soon be available in 7 groups of primary schools in our municipality.

See drinking, work
Did you know that children up to the age of four begin to remember when their parents drink? And that they notice that their parents’ behavior changes after they drink? In general, children who see their parents drink alcohol more positively than children who do not see their parents drinking. As a result, these children start drinking at a younger age and drink more later. Research also shows that a significant number of parents sometimes get high (51%) or get drunk in front of their 10- to 17-year-olds. When children see this, they often worry or feel ashamed of their parents.
National research shows that more than 1 in 4 high school students ages 12-16 have drunk alcohol in the past month. There is not much difference between girls and boys. So it is better not to drink alcohol in front of children.

Prevent food waste
These are not easy times. Energy costs are rising, and groceries are also becoming more expensive. Many people find it difficult to make ends meet. At the same time, we also see that a lot of food gets thrown away. Waste of money, because of course you already paid for it. You can still use leftovers from meals for a new meal!
Here are some tips to prevent food waste. Good for your wallet and the environment!
1. When cooking, use a cup, beaker, scale, or measuring cup to measure out the correct portions. Also consider large and small eaters.
2. Before you go shopping, first check your refrigerator to see which products you still need to use.
3. Many products can still be used after the “best before” date has passed! Look, smell and taste after the dates if it is still tasty.
4. Before you go shopping, make a list. This way you buy exactly enough and avoid buying products twice.
5. Store leftovers in an airtight container in the refrigerator. You can keep it for a day or two and use it for lunch or another hot meal. Most leftovers can be stored for 3 months in the freezer. Many recipes for cooking with leftovers are available, for example via For more inspiration, take a look at

Avian influenza procedures
National measures to combat bird flu have been in place since October 5. Commercial rangers must house their birds and private breeders must protect their endangered birds. All trade guards should report increased poultry mortality early. It is prohibited throughout the Netherlands to visit sites with high-risk birds, except for for example veterinarians and staff. All information is available at
What do you do if you see a dead bird?
The national government requires people to report dead birds. More information on this can be found at under Q&A. dead
Waterfowl, waterfowl and fowl are cleaned by the municipality. We follow government protocol and use protective clothing, for example. You can clean other birds yourself. Follow the advice of the central government

Notifications and Objections Committee See: Now & Tomorrow week 45-2022

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