Marielle Smit invades the baby food market with Mama’s Deli

Marielle Smit, founder of Mama’s Daily, has Bold Future Award Presented at this year’s Business Woman Award. She is officially the Most Promising Entrepreneur of the Year. The jury particularly commends the 32-year-old “upcoming talent” for her “courage, positivity and strength”.

She told MT/Sprout that she had so many letters that she didn’t even have time to carefully review the jury report. “But I know it came down to the courage I had to start my first company (MME Hospitality, ed.) for sale. However, this was a natural step for me. I felt such an impulse to come up with this new idea. It wasn’t even an option, I had to do it.

Looking for an alternative

Mama Deli’s idea of ​​mixing up a late-night puree for her first daughter begins. Every mother wants only the best for her child. Most of them then start cooking, steaming and mashing themselves, but this takes a lot of work.

If you find things annoying, you should either do something about them yourself, or don’t complain about them

At the time, Smit was still running her own business in the events sector six days a week. In the evening I was in the kitchen, which did not make my friend very happy. He thought I should give up and find an alternative.

I got it, because we all agree on one thing: If you find things annoying, you should either do something about it yourself, or stop complaining about it. She just doesn’t find a replacement, which is why she secretly keeps whining for a while, she says while laughing.

All types of food are now very easy and healthy. In a few steps you can have a fresh meal somewhere, but that’s not for the little ones, and definitely not for the kids. I thought this was pretty crazy.

On the right is Mariëlle Smit of Mama Deli, on the left is businesswoman Kristel Groenenbaum. Photo: Prix Veuve Clicquot

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Turning juveniles into baby food

Smit hears in her environment that she is not the only one with this problem. So she decided to do something about it herself. She also knows from the start that turning juveniles into baby food is a big step.

Motherhood is always a compromise, but I do it with pleasure

“What did I know about baby food? But I’m a mom on a mission. Fresh meal is so good for your baby’s growth and health. I quickly came to the conclusion that I couldn’t do it on my own. So I built a great team around me that knows a lot about baby food. Small but very strong team.”

Mama Deli will be released in January 2021. Smit finds out that she is pregnant again around the same time and gives birth to her second daughter. That year was very difficult. Motherhood is always a compromise, but I do it with pleasure.

Retail is not interested in Mama Deli

Not that supermarkets were now keen on their new frozen children’s food. “We built a great starter kit, which was completely from the ground up. We’ve been working on it for a year and a half, and then you think you really have something on your hands.”

I was standing on the category managers sidewalk at the retail store with a box of samples, completely home made and covered to look stylish, and that door just closed. Yes, then you will doubt yourself for a while (Laugh). ‘

It’s annoying, of course, but Smit is just a mother who has a mission. She “switched” for a while and then decided to start online with her own web store. One that storms from the start. Nou’s parents She picks up her story and a major online campaign is launched.

Suddenly the retail seemed interested. They knocked on their door a few months later. That was nice, because you’re sitting at the table completely differently.

Baby Food Mama's Deli
Baby Food Mama’s Deli.

Marielle Smit wants to cross the border with Mama Deli

Mama’s Deli is now available in all major supermarkets, Albert Heijn, Dirk, Fumar… It was announced on Tuesday that the brand will also be available in all Jumbo branches. Mariëlle Smit products can also be ordered at Crisp and Picnic. A number of new retailers have already signed up next year.

We always try to be a few steps ahead of the rest. Now it is very difficult to run.

Meanwhile, investors have knocked on the door, but Smit would prefer to stay on as long as possible to fund growth himself. We will take our first steps abroad in the second quarter of 2023. We are already in Belgium, but then we will continue.

Of course, the food industry “watches” its products. Smit has not seen copies yet. We understand that we are in a competitive market, so we always try to be a few steps ahead of the rest. Anyway, it’s very difficult to run now.

So innovations are important to her company and a lot of work is being done on this. In the past year, we have mainly developed new flavors. A number of product categories will be added soon, which Mama Deli wants to tap into a wider target group. “But I really have to shut up about that for a while.” So that continues.

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