‘I live outside of your choice?’ No, Zutphen is already too busy for me.”

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Background – In Veur de Drood, famous Achterhoekers answer sensitive questions and infernal pronouncements. Today Dion de Brouwer (29), presenter of GPFans and known for his popular YouTube gaming channel TeVeelGeraagd.

By Andre Falkmann

1) My mental mood is:
“Both are good mentally and physically. I play sports a lot and have had a lot of fun presenting GPFans. The season is over, but the news about motorsport will continue, so we can move on with that.

I look back at a very busy time. In addition to a lot of work required, I took a trip to the Balloon World Cup in 2022. This game is a one-on-one battle where you have to catch a balloon with both of you. A game you might have played against your brother or sister when you were a kid.

The balloon should not touch the ground. You take turns touching it. Whoever is late by dropping it to the ground loses. It is played in an imaginary room, an yard with furniture and other household items as obstacles.
Daniel Leibniz, SLAM! DJ and a friend of mine, were allowed to comment on the Dutch and select the Dutch entry. He asked me because I was athletic enough and had a background in judo, which meant I had to be competitive. His words hahahaha.
In the international tournament, with countless nations, stranded in the quarter-finals. She lost to a Spaniard who eventually won the cup. The game hit me. I want to make it bigger in the Benelux and maybe go to the World Cup again. ”

2) I’m like “mien va/mo”:
“My dark eyebrows… the darkness in my appearance… this is my father. The DNA of Southern Europe came once in his streak.
The character is the mother. stubborn. Don’t be afraid to open your mouth about something. Sometimes it collides between us. Jamil also. This confirms that I look like her. We can discuss for a long time, for example about political matters.”

3) My biggest fear is:
“Losing your family or loved one is, of course, everyone’s biggest fear. Beyond that fear, I have a fear of losing control, which I also find frightening. For example, I have a vomiting phobia. The fear of vomiting makes you lose control of your body.” I also don’t like drinking too much, that’s also a loss of control of course.”

4) After death there are:
“Eternal nothingness. I understand that some people like to think differently. Humans always want perspective. But I think the light goes out and stays out and you don’t notice.”

5) I will be an influencer for the rest of my life:
“I don’t feel that way. I feel more like a creator. I create content, I create things. If I teach that under an influencer, I’m going to be like that for a very long time. Forever? Not that.”
People often say: When are you going to look for real work?! My work cannot be defined for everyone. I don’t laugh at them, but that’s often said by the older generation.
When they hear I’m living well, the questions disappear. I generate income through advertising income, merchandise and game promotions.”

6) I can live outside of his choice:
“If I’m being honest: No. I’ve lived in Lachterhoek all my life. I’ve lived in Zutphen for a while, too Achterhoek of course, only that’s relatively urban for our area. Very nice, but I missed a quiet neighborhood. Zutphen was too busy for me. I Now I live in Lochem.”

7) Humans are monogamous:
“In my relationship it was and it was. But it’s a human need, an intention, not a biology. If two people don’t want to give up freedom and still want a relationship, then a non-monogamous relationship is also a solution. The most important thing is to make and keep agreements about this. Cheating. hurt someone.”

8) That’s why I cried for the last time:
“That was five years ago. My father’s cat died. I am laughing now because he is not a person, the cat looks like a small thing. He died very sad, my parents were on vacation. Then I had to bury him.”

9) People with an accent are:
“Beautiful. My parents raised me without an accent, but my relatives speak very flat. Whatever the dialect, it gives a person a warm character.”

10) This is what was mentioned on my tombstone:
“I guess, but I’m only 26, that’s something that comes from: ‘I lived.’ I didn’t put anything off and lived my life as abundantly as I could. I even said to my girlfriend recently, ‘If you fall dead right away, I’m at peace with it’.” .”

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