Young catering couples are happy to appreciate: Hertebos and Thijm get a taste of Gault & Millau (Schilde)

Jan Uman

Alderman Olivier Verhulst (Open Vld) recently described the local restaurant industry as an essential part of Schilde’s and-Gravenwezel’s identity. So he was all too willing to congratulate the four catering establishments from his “district” who made it to the recently updated ranking of the best restaurants.

Casello – in the centrally located monumental building Tollenberg – and Brabohoeve – between the tennis courts and riding stables in the elegant Steynhoeve neighborhood – is quickly confirming their standings with a score of 13 and 14, respectively. Jasmine Bogart (27) and Yoshi Marien (26) will long remember their trip to Brussels, where the new culinary guide was introduced. With 14 out of 20, Hertebos appeared in the green s-Gravenwezel as one of the amazing climbers.

“We still do this primarily for our clients, but this recognition is, of course, very useful. We celebrated a dinner with our friends and soulmates from Bistro Du Nord at Sint-Jansplein in Antwerp, good for 15.5 points by the way. It was very nice again, but We had to fight fatigue because the weekend (thankfully) was very busy again,” says Chef Yoshi.

Watch them shine with pride: Jasmine Bogart and Yoshi Maren van Hertibus: Only 20 places but 14 points already. © RR

small scale consciousness

With only twenty places, Hertebos is perhaps the smallest restaurant in the thickest restaurant guide. “Early next year we will finish renovating the building in Wijnegemsteenweg, but it will not get bigger. We consciously swear by this small size. In addition to the quality of our dishes, providing a warm homely atmosphere is also critical to our approach,” explains Yoshi.

“Since the passing of our assistant chef Jeron, I’ve been lonely again behind the stove, although I’ve recently been able to count on the very inquisitive Michel Verholst. I’m glad the jury appreciated our dishes like Megrim and King Crab, but they also describe Hertibus as a charming title.”

Kristen Mays, 36, and Tim Shooters, 39, were not present at the ad, but are looking to hang the banner with the not-too-bad grade of 12 as a cute entry in the Belgian restaurant parade. A well-deserved award after their hard work at Nonna in Wijnegem, the safe “canteen” of the great complex at Annonciaden, which was exchanged over two years ago for a step higher in the shadow of the Schilde church tower. In the building where star chef Wout Bru’s wife still stirs pots, the couple opened Thijm in the summer of 2020.

Chef Tim Shutters Van Thiem at work with his kitchen team. © RR


“A cozy brasserie in Shield Village with a varied menu including a number of oriental-inspired dishes as well as classics such as fried and steamed dumplings and satay on charcoal. Chef Tim Shooters surprises you with a delicious vegetarian dish in which he blends beetroot and carrots with various Thai spices to create an interesting and balanced whole. Refined desserts based on rhubarb and yogurt.

The Gault & Millau inspector on duty was eating really well at a reasonable price. These oriental elements can be found in Theme, thanks to the Thai roots of the Chef’s mother. The fact that the service was also poor, prompted the good-humored Kristen Mays to dedicate the award to Axl Werbrouck. The humble room manager shows himself to be unusually loyal in the sector and has set his feet on the catering business of SHIELD for the past six years now. Fortunately, Faik remains an unyielding kitchen helper.

“And don’t forget our moms,” confirms Kristen, who, in addition to being a host, is also Lisa’s kind mother (5). “Combining motherhood and running a restaurant is not easy. Without Grandma Ann — my mom — and Grandma Soda, Tim’s mother — we wouldn’t really have made it. They got twenty out of twenty of us and a big hug.” (yes)

Hertebos, Wijnegemsteenweg 132 in ‘s-Gravenwezel

Brasserie Theme, Castledrive 2 in Shield

Jasmine Bogart and Yoshi Marin do very nice things in cozy Hertebos. That’s what their loyal customers and now also the Gault & Millau jury think. © RR

How full is the jar? Shared dish of Them. © RR

A well prepared dish prepared by Chef Yoshi Marin at Hertibus. © Hanne Joosen

© Jan Uman

© Jan Uman

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