Wendy and Marlos help gifted children in Nijmegen: ‘Gifted is more than just high intelligence’

In practice, Nijmegen’s Highflyers & Deepthinkers Wendy Haas and Marloes de Jong mentoring gifted and highly sensitive children with the complexity of their emotions and thoughts and allowing children to experience learning can also be fun. “They see, hear, feel and learn differently than others.” Thanks for the help from credits The practice was able to grow into a major player in the area.

Gifted children do not always cope well with regular education. There are many outstanding people and deep thinkers especially for that target group. Gifted children are welcome to this practice from the age of three. Wendy, Marlos and their team help the children, but also their parents and teachers deal with the talent. Children learn in groups and receive individual supervision. “Talent is, among other things, a combination of exceptional intelligence, creativity, and perseverance,” Wendy says. That can be helpful sometimes, but it also has a downside. These children sometimes find it a little challenging in school and find it difficult to communicate with their peers. We help them with that.”

gifted education

Wendy studied after PABO Pedagogical Sciences and worked at the Leonardo School: they provide an educational model for children from 4 to 12 years old. There she met Marlus. Both saw how important it was for this target group to receive focused attention and guidance. “There is still little interest in talent in PABO” and primary schools do not always have the opportunity and experience to properly mentor these children. Talent is also not often recognized, because it is not necessary that these students always get the best grades and excel in everything. It can also cause behavioral problems or delays. Since it’s not recognized, these students aren’t getting the help they need.”

next step

The duo decided to create a special practice for gifted children. Ten years ago, the ladies started an outside class for gifted children. Plus, both were still working. A year and a half ago, they decided it was time to expand. “We see a huge need for this help, in the Nijmegen region but also abroad,” says Wendy. They turned to Qredits for a business loan to grow their practice. “Our accountant got the pennies first. He said this organization is for small businesses and entrepreneurs who want to do something good for the world.”

sincere interest

According to Wendy, the first conversation with business consultant Karen was different from other financial institutions. “Qredits are not official, but they are very personal. Applying for credit always starts with a set of forms at the big banks; Qredits talk to us first. We got to know Karen, who was really interested in our plan, and we gave the space to explain it and show what we can do. That makes Qredits the partner ideal for us.” Wendy and Marloes have taken credit for creating a new website, logo, brand awareness, and great training space. “We now regularly receive between seventy and one hundred students there.”

Another way to raise children

Despite having a talented full-time education, according to Wendy, that’s not always the answer. “Not all parents like to take their children to school outside their own environment. It is good that they receive the guidance they deserve. This also applies to parents: they can also often use support in raising their gifted child. Gifted children, for example, often do not They are subject to the usual breeding methods and need more explanation as to why something is done. So the education looks different. That is exactly why we are.”

future plans

Meanwhile, children and parents from outside Nijmegen are coming to Hoogvliegers & Deepthinkers. So Wendy and Marlos are convinced that there is a demand for such a practice in many other areas. “I would like to get to know all the students here in person, so there is no need to evolve in this location. But opening multiple practices across the country where other experts can start helping these kids on their way? That sounds great.”

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