Rapper Babs: Products are often not taken seriously

“As a little girl, I performed in the living room; I loved being the center of attention at the time. That changed when I hit puberty and was bullied a lot. I did everything I could to hide myself in school. I wore my long hair literally in front of my eyes.”

I knew I liked girls and boys when I was seven, but I stopped those feelings

I knew I liked both girls and boys when I was seven, but I pushed those feelings away. I thought I had to choose, that something was wrong with me if I couldn’t. Until a girl in a drama club told me she was bisexual and I realized – fifteen years now – that this exists, and it has a name! It was a turning point: I regained my confidence, cut my hair, and already became famous in school. I dared dream of a life in the spotlight again.

Babbitt Shot (1999), stage name Babes, rapper and producer from Leiden. Her music is a mixture of dominant pace Staircase Or dance drums, melodic rap and funky chords with an exhilarating pop flavor. Her first EP ‘Ruimtevrees’ was released in November 2021 and is about getting out of the boxes that others have put you in. Babs’ second movie “De Reflectie” was released in April 2022. A new EP will be released in 2023, which she hopes will feature with other artists – including Willie Wartaal, for whom she produced an unreleased song.

One of my songs that came out on paper really fast is called “A little bi”. It’s about my longing for a world where sex doesn’t matter and everyone can be attracted to each other. We’ve been assuming from birth that someone is straight, but I wonder what would happen if we didn’t do that and it just came out completely. Sometimes I meet someone who says 100 percent straight to be. Although I believe it, I wonder: surely there must be only one person of the same sex who finds you attractive?! “

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“I not only write my music myself, but also produce it. It’s hard to be taken seriously as a producer. I’ve been through a few times when I arrive for a studio session with unknown people and they assume I’m a singer or someone’s girlfriend. Their response to my music was, ‘Wow, ok I didn’t expect it.” Nota bene During my audition for producer training at the Conservatory, I was asked if I made the music myself. This never happened to my male colleagues.

My lyrics are confrontational and question gender and straight standards, but my music is cheerful, positive, and danceable. I like to talk about the well-being of LGBT people in a positive way, because I think that makes it easier for others to think. People who have absolutely nothing to do with these topics are attracted to dance music. For example, I have a song about personal pronouns, “Die/Hun”. When I pulled that out, people came up to me and said, “I never thought about this, thank you for saying this.” They no longer look away. That’s exactly what I want: to change something. While this sounds ambitious, I’m really confident that it can be done this way.

Being in the spotlight is hard because the music I make is so personal and there’s always a chance that people won’t like it. But she felt like coming home; I can be myself on stage. I can now be very free because I have a very warm family who have always supported me. My father leads my twin brother – who has been on stage with me as a presenter – and me at every show. Next, he’s waiting for us in a T-shirt and hat with “Bubs Crew” and “Road Manager” on them. And tears in his eyes, because he’s so proud. knows what struggles entered puberty. Now I found myself.”

This interview appeared in OneWorld in October 2022.


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