Preens Zônger Eîge Medie: Vastlaovundj 1939

In the foreground we see a moment during the procession of February 20, 1939 with the chariot of the Prince in VVV de Rogstickers. The car is going through the market and has just crossed Hoogstraat, a fact that is unimaginable with the current volume of buoys and because of the promenade. On the left, some young spectators follow the procession. The Preensewagen At that time, as today, the procession is closed. Remarkably, many spectators at the show are completely devoid of any carnival costume. On the right we can only see the rear of the pulling force, then it is still provided by horses instead of tractors.


At the top of the carriage, the bespectacled man waving to the camera is Pierre I. de Hami complex). It was installed on Sunday, February 19, the day before the big show, which at the time was taking place on a Monday.

Pierre, a lover of horses, set off from his home on horseback under the supervision of a guard of honor with members of the Ruiterclub St. Martinus (on horseback of course) to the town hall market. Anyone looking for a Plevuuz should go to Maasstraat 40 (2022 near the “Posno Sport” building). Justin’s family lived there before moving to the aquarium. It is not Pierre’s hometown. This honor belongs to Langstraat Building 31 (2022 ‘Paul Jacobs Fashion’). Only for those who don’t know. a Blevos It is a unique hexagonal paving stone in pavement. During Rogstaekers Club Aod Preense They are Rogstaekers in the city center Aod Preense Plevuûze Paad Created. Two other cool facts from that year are the new outfit for Council of Eleven — black and white ponchos and “motley clown hats” — and the start of the First Sponsorship campaign. They are invited to support the Rogstaekers financially by joining the Order of the Rog. Shopkeepers can then put the corresponding certificate in the display case, lay people in front of the window.


In 1939, Pierre I worked as assistants Theo van de Laar, Harry Knipkins and Lee Theunison. They are in the car in front of him. The other gentlemen form the Council of Eleven, accompanied by a number of “ladies-waiting”. In the foreground, we note, next to the captain in the bowler’s hat, frost Zjang Vaessen. logo and Medal Not yet Pierre.

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The photo also provides a beautiful view of the Korenmarkt since then. Like other Weert squares of the period, it is mainly characterized by emptiness. In 1939, the small weight house and booth gave way to the pre-war common space-Concept. It is good to see how the flow of traffic from the market to Pension St. Louis at the pier is organized. The boarding house itself is still in the state it was in before the major expansion/renovation at the end of 1939, early 1940: an elegant but somewhat boring 19th century building with a narrow entrance door and a tall statue of the Virgin Mary. . This image does not exist only because the devotees were officially called the “brothers of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary.” The devotees were founded in 1840 in Maastricht and hence are known as the Maastricht Brothers. In 1850, the brothers came to Wirt, making it the fifth place in the Netherlands where the congregation was founded. In 1977 it was over.

The design for the renovation comes from Alphonse Posten, a Maastricht resident. In 1950, he was also responsible for designing the expansion of St. Martin’s School, also run by the same brothers. Two young carpenters/entrepreneurs from Tilburg, Messrs. Maas and Willemsen, signed up for part of the renovation in 1939. Thereafter, they are suspended in Weert and their collaboration grows into the famous Weerter builder Wilma. In 1949, Pierre will again lead the Weerts team in Schaslawondge. why? Books don’t tell you that. This makes him the only prince to have done so for two non-consecutive years. Twice a prince was allowed to rule outside of Pierre twice. It was primarily Louis I (Jacobs) in 1953. The party was then canceled due to the flood disaster in Zeeland, until Louis also became Prince the following year. And in 1991, the first Gulf War threw a wrench into the works of Prince Tun V (Adrian). He was also allowed to take over the world of fools again in 1992.

In the other photo you can see a 1939 Vastlaovundjoptocht coming from Hoogstraat in the direction of Markt.

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