Genetically interesting pregnant mares at KWPN online auction

Montana Lady (Daily Diamond x Bordeaux). Photo: KWPN

The sixth edition of the KWPN Online Auction presents moms-to-bes with great opportunities. The collection consists of 25 pregnant mares and four fetuses, which can be shed from November 18-21. All of these embryos and fetuses are associated with successful sport horses and can be an asset to any breeder.

It is the sixth edition of the KWPN Online Broodmare Auction and previous editions have shown that there is good interest inside and out for mares of this caliber. This group again contains valuable genetic material, which breeders can use to take an important step forward.

Related to Olympic horses

Dressage breeders can bid to get NMK finalist Ganoeska (Apache x Juventus), whose eldest son Kavallo (by Desperado) under Jonna Schelstraete is in the spotlight at the Small Tour level. Ganoeska has the same grandmother as the Olympic dressage horse Suppenkasper (by Spielberg) and is herself a half-sister to the Small Tour Elcapone horse (by Wynton). Also of interest is Dele Diamond Montanavro’s daughter, who was born from a Vergéfroy mare, who is in turn a half-sister to the Grand Prix dub Zhivago (by Fleminge) and a KWPN-certified little round mare. Stunning Stallion Star (by Flemmingh). This mare, which originated from the Landsvrouwe breed, is related to the Olympic dressage mare Glock’s Undercover NOP (by Ferro).

From the strange tribe Nadine

From the Olympic dressage horse blood line Exquis Nadine (by TCN Partout) comes the daughter of Charmeur Godiva van de Westen, a half-sister of the KWPN-approved stallion Dorado (by Krack C). Then there’s Labelle ter Kwincke (Governor x UB40), who is not only half-sister to KWPN Glock’s Johnson TN certified Olympic stallion (by Jazz), but also KWPN certified stallion Just For You (v. Uthopia) and multiple small tour winner Grayton Beach (v. Negro).

proven origin

Proven bloodlines are also readily available in the company of mares bred for jumping. Hyolga M (by Big Star Jr.) comes from the same dam as KWPN’s certified stallion Just One (by Toulon) and show players (by Toulon) 1.45/1.50m Wyolga (by Goodtimes) and Zydalgo M (by Heartbreaker). She was bred from a 1.40m mare and is related, among other things, to the World Cup medalist Loharna-P (s. Carrera VDL), daughter of Corland Honey (ds. Phen Phin), who not only represents a good athletic line, but has Also strong blood synthesis. This certainly also applies to Stakkato’s daughter Sweet Nina d’Ive Z (ds. Darco), who is a sister (half) to the 1.45/1.50m horses Mandingo la Silla (s. Stakkato) and Famoso d’Ive Z (by for fun). Indoctro Jeltje’s daughter is the sister (half) of no less than six international players, including horses 1.40/1.50m Cinella (s. Celano), Big Brother (s. Celano) and Glostro (s. Indoctro). And in Kickstart pedigree, Tangelo van de Zuuthoeve’s top predecessor is paired with the proven Rubertha of the Stal Roelofs.

Four interesting embryos

From November 18 to 21, you can also bid on four embryos. The genetically interesting Aganix du Seigneur Z embryo from De Cora de Mahn Z offers a great opportunity. In the fourth generation, this embryo goes back to the famous Grand Prix mare Walnut de Muze, with which Harry Smulders succeeded for many years. Dame de Cora de Mahne is the young granddaughter of international mares Carrera de Meuse who is 1.35m tall and has proven herself to breed as a dam for 1.60m horses Caipiranja (by Taran de la Pomme) and J’ Adore van Het Schaeck (by Vagabond de la Pomme) . Besides the Carrera de Muze, Walnut de Muze has also fitted the 1.50/1.60m horses Falaise de Muze (by Wandor van de Mispelaere), Fetard de la Pomme (by Querlybet Hero), and I’m Special de Muze (by Emerald van’t Ruytershof).

Limited number of offspring

Under the leadership of Gregory Wathelet, the great Nevados S team has developed into an impressive Grand Prix winner, and in 2019 was part of the golden team at the European Championships in Rotterdam. So far, the brilliant gray has produced a limited number of offspring, the oldest of them at the beginning of their international sports career. In this group, he is responsible for the paternity of the fetus of Dominator Z’s daughter Domintona BB Z, the granddaughter of Grand Prix racer Mary Daytona de Meuse who is swept up by Judy Postels and represents a private streak of Dam.

Chaco Blue

As a descendant of the genetically valuable Chacco Blue, these fetuses are of excellent ancestry. A truly unique opportunity to get the very exclusive Explosion W Genes! One of these embryos was delivered not only by Chacco-Blue, but also by Explosion’s half-sister Zarina III (by Heartbreaker) as a dam. The world’s best ancestor Chacco-Blue has been brought together in the pedigree of the last fetus with the world-class 1.40m Go Dence mare, which represents an excellent athletic streak. This mare is descended from the genetically valuable Grand Prix stallion Milord Carthage.

more information

The collection can be viewed from today at Starting Friday, November 18, it is possible to bid online on mums and fetuses from this group. To do this, you must register as a bidder in advance and bids will close on Monday, November 21 from 8pm. A KWPN inspector will be happy to assist you with more information. Additionally, the sponsor can support Horses2Fly with international transfers. For questions, please contact Mairin van der Tol via [email protected]0341-255511.

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