Reader Column: Together towards a gender-free generation

Burt Plumb

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The news is slowly flooding him. One by one the famous Dutchman drops into the basket and since you stumble upon Dutch celebrities in our small country, it requires a lot of baskets.

Take a good look around you. They are mostly men with a sympathetic head. Guys you never expected would be capable of “cross-border” behavior. They are up against these kind and helpful individuals. The people to whom you entrust your children without hesitation. They perfectly correspond to the image of the “perfect son-in-law”. However, in practice, such a kind man often turns out to be a “wolf in sheep’s clothing”. A raging bastard, he abuses his position of power to gain his sexual appetite. This does not exclude sexual intimidation and abuse of children and young people, most of whom are female. He forces them to comply with his mental desires, under the threat of the possibility of making or breaking their future, their career.

Of course, it makes no sense to associate the actions of such a wretch with the actions of a wolf. A sympathetic family animal, he came to enrich our nature again for several years. An animal that would never want to be lulled in such a phony way.

political correction brigade

Meanwhile, the Netherlands is on fire again, and the “politically correct brigade” has addressed a topic on which it can once again prove its value to society. Through various talk shows, several members of the “PCB” once again played a role in exposing the seriousness of “offensive behavior” and dictating how such damning acts should be eliminated. Although this “PCB” is not a chlorinated hydrocarbon, it is certainly quite irritating. For example, it has already succeeded in banning smoking and turning the person who smokes into an outcast. When I see this TV ad with all these cheerful kids chanting “Together towards a smoke-free generation,” I feel the need to stroke my neck every time.

Although she would also like to put an end to the consumption of alcohol, sweets and other stimulants, in the broadest sense of the word, she still has a number of important steps to take. But this does not prevent the brigade from repeatedly shooting sporadic new arrows at the community. The way you now think you must deal with ‘transgressive behaviour’ makes me fear that we will soon have to confront a television ad with the same enthusiastic children, who chant no less fervently: ‘Together towards a gender-free generation’.

When it comes to aggressive behavior in the sexual sphere, the focus is primarily on men. As a member of this community, of course I don’t like it. But then again, men are still humans and humans are nothing more than apes that have evolved further. Humans are not far from biologically rabbits either, and we all know how angry they can be.

Gorilla introduces himself

A few weeks ago, on a zoo TV series, I saw a large male gorilla introduce himself to a group of other gorillas in his new home. After taking some uncertain first steps, he dived into one of the females and began chasing after her with all his might. Although the female took the wild introduction somewhat capriciously and showed no signs of “freezing,” I found it very embarrassing. But fortunately, the sitter was there to reassure me by declaring that the male could vent his frustration while doing so.

It is a good thing that the vast majority of men can control themselves when looking at female beauty and vice versa. Wouldn’t it be great if everyone on the street, at school, and at the office gave in to their basic desires. Under the present frenetic pace, it is getting increasingly clamorous that members of the male sex should undergo training. Men must learn to respect women. Men should learn not to indulge in feminine magic. Because the latter leads to sexual arousal and possibly undesirable behaviour. Boys should be taught this from an early age so that any spontaneous sexual response disappears from their system over the years. Moreover, boys and girls, and of course young men of a different gender category, should be treated and trained quite equally, so that they are almost identical, except for some insignificant biological differences.

What you don’t hear from “PCBs” at all is whether women and girls can also make a contribution when it comes to combating and eliminating “aggressive behaviour.” Whether the “folk” integration course should not be completed with a rigorous examination on the topics “respect for women” and “acceptance of all sexual orientation”. Research has shown that three-quarters of women have actually experienced street harassment. Ranging from screaming to beating, assault and even rape.


If you go out into the street in a big city as a woman, you quickly risk being called a prostitute. And what about all the insults thrown at gays, lesbians and transgender people? The perpetrators are mainly members of some immigrant cultures. Children from those cultures could use some additional training in this regard.

It’s disgusting that there are men who think they will surprise women with a “dick peek” of their own making. A guy like that is a loser of the highest order, isn’t he? If it involves keeping your job, receiving such a “pic” is a huge threat. Especially if the owner of the excess is your boss. You don’t want to disappoint this “man”. The genitals of men attempting forced sex in this way should be taken out of business by the government as far as I am concerned.

Now talk shows didn’t really care about the fact that there are also women who commit “aggressive behaviour”. Even when it comes to sex. Of course it is, but you hardly ever read about it. If you look around in the street and see what regularly moves across the screen, you can only conclude that many members of the female sex are also qualified for an intensive course in “transnational behaviour”.
By the way, even before the “dickpic” phenomenon, sending entire “pussy albums” was already popular. Unlike the original albums, these albums mainly contain pictures and do not contain sweet verses and poems.

Monkey sounds

Just imagine that such a ‘Pokito type’, or an individual who regularly spoils the atmosphere in the stadium by, among other things, making monkey noises, one day goes through such kind of tight clothing as ‘Kim Kardashian’. . Is the transboundary behavior that might result from this collision attributable solely to Pokito? The zookeeper will know the answer.

And in general, it is men who over-sea. This must have something to do with their uncontrolled hunting behavior. With their primal motives.
Like almost all men, I have never felt the need to win over a woman by offering her my “impressive picture”. Especially in a superior-subordinate relationship. I don’t recognize myself in my current panic state to say the least.

I had no training to realize that boys and girls deserve mutual respect. Nor has he been trained not to foreclose. My hands didn’t get to work until I was sure the girl appreciated it. So I think it makes no sense to get all the boys and men together and send them to a “PCB cycle”. I also find it unnatural to increase the suppression of basic urges, both male and female.
Since these gray PCB mice have already managed to stifle many other pleasures, they are now busy killing their “mating dance”.

First, try to identify who is usually guilty of misconduct and why. Then you step in instead of promoting such a drunken public approach. Soon it will get to the point that as a boy, you must be able to present the QR code issued by the PCB in order for the girl to be allowed in.

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