Girls’ exhibits from Enka to Afrique Sauvage

What can you enjoy in Dutch galleries and museums? A selection of Nouveau editors!

100 years of Enka – Fashion in the picture

The ENKA factory has meant a lot to develop the Ede farming village, but it has also been a major player in the global fashion industry.

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For centuries, women have worn large dresses made of heavy fabrics that accentuate curves. At the beginning of the 20th century, fashion changed with the manufacture of viscose and the trend towards dresses with straight lines.

ENKA’s factories in Arnhem and Ede made use of technologies by which they could produce a cheaper textile, rayon.

Thousands of girls worked to produce fine viscose yarns. The brand names Enkalon and Terlenka originated from the ENKA factories. In this fashion fair you will discover 100 years of fashion in these fabrics.

Ede Historical Museum, until March 31, 2023

Africa Sauvage

From November 5 to December 17, 2022, Gallery Pearson presents a solo exhibition by Belgian photographer Robbie Boleyn. The exhibition “Afrique Sauvage” displays thirty graceful, window images of inhabitants and wild animals. Tranquil black and white photos reflect authentic Africa. The atmospheric exhibition Domein Oogenlust is located in Eersel in Brabant.

Robby Bolleyn has a lifelong fascination with the overwhelming African continent with its breathtaking beauty. He and his Dutch wife, Marlene, travel there for several months each year to photograph the wild nature and its human and animal inhabitants. In doing so, it is necessary for him to capture the spiritual identity of his subject. With a keen focus on detail and tradition, the photographer pays tribute to the rugged Africa, Africa.

For the exhibition “Afrique Sauvage,” Bolleyn selected a set of images that symbolize pure, authentic Africa for him. Members of different tribes, who are often distinguished by their harsh living conditions, proudly look at his camera. In addition to the ancient peoples living in desolate Ethiopia, Swahili fishermen can be seen with grimy facial expressions as well as the original beauty from Zanzibar. The graceful close-up shots of magical leopard, lion, elephant and zebra, especially in the Serengeti, are moving and amazing at the same time.

Gallery Pearson at Domein Oogenlust in Eersel in Brabant, until December 17, 2022

oak tree bob

Bob Eckelbaum’s humorous and somewhat ironic works show courage. At an early age he broke into the art world with his magnetic paintings. Colored steel plates with magnetic shapes attached.

Eikelboom challenges the viewer to play with the composition, which can change indefinitely, thus questioning the conceptual drawing. When does the work end and who is the manufacturer? These questions will be the focus of the Kunstmuseum Den Haag from November 3, when Eckelbaum’s magnetic paintings will be shown for the first time in a solo exhibition at the museum.

Kunstmuseum The Hague, until March 26, 2023

paving plant under the microscope

At Hortus Botanicus in Leiden, you’ll come across ten microscopic images of one of the tiniest of pavement plants: a recumbent greasy wall, Sagina procumbens. A very small plant with flowers a few millimeters in diameter.

Prefers to grow among paving stones: a stagnant fat wall is a treaded plant. This is a class of plants that can withstand the footsteps and even tires of cars. This is partly because the plant grows “safely” at the joints of the sidewalk. But the shape of the plant is also designed for trampling. In the photomicroscopy of the artist and microscope scientist Rob Van S, you can see that parts of this plant have a harmonica-like structure. You can squeeze it, but everything just bounces back with equal delight.

Hortus Botanicus Leiden, until March 26, 2023

Streetview Pass Losekoot

This fall, the MORE Museum will be showcasing the people of the city. Streetview shows photographer Bass Lucicott’s vision of life in densely populated, expanding cities.

A selection of dozens of images in which Losekoot lifts the individual from the crowd offers a unique insight into our mutual relationships. How do we find our way surrounded by overwhelming architecture and massive crowds? Are we displaced or just our place in modern megacities?

Artistic Director Mette Van Dyck: “It is the first solo exhibition of the Bas Luscott Museum, and for our museum it is the first solo exhibition on a contemporary photographer. Our collection includes work by leading Dutch photographers such as Rinke Dijkstra, Erwin Olaf and Ruud van Impel, but so far we have mainly shown it with other artwork.

Through Streetview, we focus on a unique photo project that has grown into a time document of a global urban experience.

Bas transforms the public space into one large studio: the city as the backdrop, the street as the stage, and the townspeople as the actors. He tries in an almost intimate way to reveal the small dramas in his images that usually pass by the naked eye. The result is dramatic and emotionally charged images with a graphic quality.”

On display at the MORE Museum in Gorssel from November 13, 2022 to February 5, 2023

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