Vijdag, thirteenth: Lorenzo Masciarelli comes from a cycling nest, but has lived in the heart of racing for four years

Friday the 13th: Lorenzo Maciarelli comes from a bike nest but has lived in the heart of racing for four years

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This winter, WielerFlits is launching a new section: Friday, the 13th. Every Friday at 1.13pm you can read an interview with a crossover or loop racer who finished 13th the previous weekend. This varies from young girls to elite guys, from C2 Cross to World Cup. What’s the story? This week is the number 13 of the U23 cross in the World Cup Maasmechelen: Lorenzo Masciarelli.

Seven Belgians – with winner Thibaut Nice at the front – and three Dutchmen rounding out the top ten at U23 in Maasmechelen. Then Italian, French and Italian again followed. “Actually, it was a very good start,” says Lorenzo Maciarelli. “I was about 10th. Then I followed up technically, where you can barely get past each other. I lost some points and came back to 15th.”

This remained in place for the first three rounds. “After that I was able to get up to 11th. In the end I just lacked the good feeling a little bit. As a result, David Tonati and Remy Lelande got back on my wheel and I finally got 13th. Overall, my show wasn’t that bad, especially because I was good Really into the race in the early stages. I was hoping for a better result, but unfortunately that wasn’t the case.”

Moving from Italy to Belgium as a newcomer
Masciarelli, Masciarelli, Masciarelli? Don’t I know this name from somewhere? Yes, of course! Lorenzo is the third generation in his family who is hoping to take a step towards the pros. His grandfather Palmiro won stages in both the Giro d’Italia and the Vuelta a España and finished sixth at the Tour of Flanders. Uncles Andrea and Francesco (who had to leave Astana in 2012 due to a brain tumor) have been professionals at Acqua & Sapone for many years, just like Lorenzo Simon’s father.

You might say enough racing. However, Lorenzo has been living in Belgium for the past four years with his parents and brother. “I was a newcomer and rode an international cross at a high level. I drove with a good result. Nico Matan has always been a good friend of my dad and he noticed my result. Nico suggested to my dad to let me gain experience in the cross. That would be the weekend. But at Javier I didn’t do it well. bad “.

Photo: Loetie Photography

Then it is Mario de Klerk who proposes to live in Belgium, having spoken with Matin. “Then Mario got me into the team. They helped me train – I was a road racer – and buy a wagon. As a newcomer in the second year, I also won at Wachtebeke and Zonhoven. The following year I moved to Oudenaarde with my parents. This made it easier for me to travel to The biggest crosses.

The whole family comes
“A little, but not very well,” he replied with a laugh in Dutch, when we asked him if he spoke the language. “The first seasons were tough because my dad and I missed the rest of the family. In addition, the results were not forthcoming due to infection and the mycoplasma virus. I enjoyed training when I was young with Michael Fanthornhout and Eli Eserbet. After Corona 2020, my mother and brother moved in this way as well.” .

As a promising new student, he struggled again last winter. But this year it looks like it will come out. “I hope to have a good year now. go ahead (It turns out to be no stranger to Flemish, editor), better than last winter anyway. I understand my teammates better at the table. Anyway, the team doesn’t put any pressure on me. But I want to get better results. Very difficult, because the Belgians and the Dutch have a much more cross mentality than the Italians.”

On Saturday he will prepare for the European Championship in his country, although it is a bit crazy to say about Wallon Namur as an Italian. “I love this cross, but going down there is very technical and dangerous if you compare it to Koppenbergcross. This is more difficult for me, because I still have to work on my descending abilities.”

Good luck this weekend, gentlemen and knights. Let the best win. And remember: thirteen is not always an unlucky number!

Profile of Lorenzo Maciarillic

Photo: Cor Vos

Noun: Lorenzo Massiarelli
nation: tag it Italia
age: 19 years
category: men’s promises
plow: Bowles Sauces – Banjul
Favorite cross: Koppenberg Cross. It’s barely two miles from our house and I love challenging cyclocross. In my opinion, this is the hardest of all.
If I wasn’t a motocross racer, I would be… Bicyclist on the road, haha! My whole family is racing. My grandfather used to ride bikes a lot with Francesco Moser, my father and uncles were pros for years, I was even born in a bike shop. Anyway, I ended up cycling.
Career Objective: First, I want to become a good motocross racer. Race a great cyclocross or maybe win the World Cup. You can dream. Next, I’d like to give it a try on the road, to follow in the footsteps of my dad, uncles and grandfather in driving a big ride. And if I could choose, the Giro d’Italia of course.
myth: Popular in Italy, of course. Last season I always wore the same thermal shirt under my competition clothes, but that didn’t bring much luck. I have no myths. I’ve been living in Belgium for a long time, I think (laughs out loud)!

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