Fleming’s Express Can’t Be Stopped, But He Was Bullied Once

Suddenly Fleming’s train started in October last year. With his huge hit Amsterdam This train immediately became a TGV and did not stop running. What a strange year this Brabant singer (26 years old) has had. Was it always this good? not that. Time to talk to him on album day Fleming It seems.

this number Amsterdam, like the ear bug, but contagious, means a journey through the top 40 with four different strikes that has now lasted over a year (see box). And what did not bring 2021-2022 Fleming film? Twice The Streamers, both at Winterefteling and for the public at the Olympic Stadium (subway I talked to him afterwards). Vrienden van Amstel LIVE’s massive party series, this spring in Rotterdam Ahoy. Many festivals. He collaborated on his album with Emma Hesters and Ronnie Flex. With the latter, the train now thunders through the charts with Back to the start.

Flemming is already sold without album

However, Flemming is far from back to square one. exactly the contrary. subway Meet cheerful Prabhuo at the Arena Hotel in Amsterdam, the place where he gave an “exclusive album release party” last night. It is very neat and tidy. Although he had that wonderful year, the singer is looking forward to it. to Fleming Something new is on its way. And then there will be a club tour in the coming months as well, with Melkweg in Amsterdam, Tivoli Utrecht and 013 Tilburg on the way (December concerts are already sold out, while no one knows his album yet; tickets for February and March are still out). to Fleming He wants to introduce his listeners to him as a person and an artist.

How did you test that bullet train? “I call it the Max Verstappen car myself. Everything is great, but I don’t remember everything exactly.” Honest: “I’ve seen you before, but where… (in Vrienden van Amstel LIVE, editor).” The latter impressed him more. “Especially because that was kind of a goal. This series of shows also passed like a bullet train.”

debut album or not

Flemming, a huge Queen fan, has already released an album, but then in English. Isn’t this anymore? “This was more than a great EP. On Fleming There are twice as many numbers. But I also think my career has already started Amsterdam. The new “record” has a lot to do with love, though not all of the words necessarily speak for it (“No, I didn’t have a girl who had a boyfriend on the train to go to Amsterdam, haha”). “I want to show people what Fleming style is. . I think I’ve written about seventy or eighty songs in the last two years. With a selection of these I will show the method. Now that’s just as important as the stories I want to tell. There are a lot of people who know me, but a lot of people don’t know me either. Or they know I compose uptempo songs, while also writing stories. Anyway, I’m with Fleming Let me know what music I like to make and what I fully support.”


Cesky de Rat, that wasn’t cool.

Flemming Viguurs (that’s his full name, as the only Dutchman) was the protagonist Cesc de Rat (2008), So Danny de Monk is real. He also appeared in two other musicals, JOSEPH AND THE AMAZING TECHNICOLOR DREAM COAT (2009) and Piece of bread (2011). Well, kids who want to be on stage are quickly considered “weirds”. A popular pest object. Submitted the song for the album Zipper Important text. Haunted boy yesterday and successful today, Flemming wants to encourage boys and girls to always pursue their dreams. He wants to tell them that you shouldn’t let other people’s opinions slow you down. “I also always dreamed of myself being big, for example having a long career as Guus Meeuwis.” Speaking of which, we found out that the singer was born the year Moise was born It’s night chest. While he is now playing with him regularly … with a smile: “Who knows? Big with soft G Take charge of Guus if he stops.”

“As a 4 or 5 year old kid from Den Bosch, I was already doing shows when my grandfather and grandmother came in, a boy who was always busy with music. When I was in CEski de rat That was the moment the classmates didn’t think was so great. I understand that.”

Fleming did not understand

Flemming did not succumb to bullying, even as he continued in high school. “Of course it wasn’t fun, but I thought: What’s going on? I sang, earned my first money and was doing something I really like. Not that I got met and hit, but I didn’t understand why the kids were bullying. I also asked my mom. Fortunately, it made me this What I am today and there were also people who told me to keep singing. I suddenly received messages from some of my classmates from the past, but I gave them the correct answer politically. A number of them also said or sent messages that they now appreciate how you handled it time. That’s sweet.”

“I doubted whether you Zipper I actually had to put the album down or whether I had to wait until the second or third album. But now I think the song is on it.”

Research Flemmings at Ed Sheeran

Well, that was “then”. Fleming Coming out today, much more important. “And I find this very exciting! The album is something really different from a solo album. I hope people are open to that and listen to me.” This wouldn’t be a problem with those four songs that all appear on the album. “I feel like I couldn’t make a better album right now. That’s why it was great to have so many choices among all those songs written. I also did a lot of research on everything. For example, the order in which Ed Sheeran puts his songs Because well, where have you been Amsterdam put it now? “

Fleming’s train continues to thunder for some time. But does he still have a real dream about what should or might follow? His answer was almost surprising, but without overshadowing anyone: “Give a concert at the market in Den Bosch once.” When the reporter returned to the sofa of the Arena Hotel after falling off it, the Den Bosch-born man showed his smartphone excitedly: “Look how beautiful it is there. Brabanthallen seems great to me too.” But why not live AFAS, or the Ziggo Dome that contemporaries Anton and Maan already ended up with? He explains, “Look, I come from Den Bosch. So isn’t it cool? I’ve never performed there. Of course, everyone wants to be in Ziggo in Amsterdam. But still… first Den Bosch, then see if AFAS is possible Already for me then Ziggo Dome. I prefer a nice line, so I always think: What’s a good next step for?”

Here you will find information about Flemming’s upcoming tour and his album.

I drank the clamp and then in the retreat, young Elise do it in Stromboli

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