Flashbacks: Horrorwalk for kids on Halloween

Halloween is a holiday on October 31. In recent years it has gained increasing popularity in the Netherlands. We never celebrated this, nor do we live in a neighborhood where the residents participate.
In our area, children walk with a lantern with Sint Maarten on November 11th and then collect mountains of candy in exchange for a song.

Halloween: Trick or Treat

Many of us know Halloween mainly from American films.
On October 31, children get dressed up and visit neighborhood homes. These houses are (amazingly) decorated with pumpkins, lights, very scary characters, sounds or anything else.
Children screaming at home: trick or treat! Then there is a choice between being frightened/harassed (the trick) or eating something delicious (a treat). In recent years, Halloween parties have become increasingly popular in our country.

This Halloween is actually derived from Hallow-e’en or All Hallows Eve I think few young people know. It’s All Saints’ Evening: The evening before All Saints’ Day on November 1st.

horror walk

I read for years that the Horrorwalk was held in Hoorn. First, a tour in which children usually participate in costume and encounter scary characters along the way. Then a tour for adults. For years I have seen the most terrifying and beautiful face people pass by. They are wonderfully dressed.
Dax was too young for him, so I only looked at other people’s photos and videos on the internet.

This year he heard about it and wanted to join.
I asked him if he’s not afraid of people walking there and maybe they scare you a little. number! He said, I really want this mother.
We were a little late in arranging the outfit (cheap).
It no longer fits standard children’s clothing in cheap stores.
It’s too late to order online. So we had to improvise a little.

Jason Voorhees

We went to the local party store. He was very busy.
Fake blood was not available and colored contact lenses were sold in large quantities.
Dax somehow knows a lot of horror/thriller characters even though we don’t watch that kind of movie together (I don’t like them at all). But he wanted to be Jason Voorhees. He told me this is a character from the Friday the 13th movie series.
In the store we saw a number of masks hanging, as well as fancy clothes, but that was too expensive for me. We thought he’d be wearing a mask with a black hoodie and black pants, and he might have picked a plastic cleaver.

Parade through downtown Horn

At 7 p.m., a large crowd of children left “De Roode Steen” to wander the streets of downtown Horn. Many adults who accompanied their children also wore their clothes.
According to my son, I didn’t have to; You’re really scary of yourself (so cute these kids are!).
We passed by powerful pirates who weren’t really scary. On the side or in the crowd sometimes people come to you, surprise you, or play a joke on you.
It was very possible when we were walking down an alley and suddenly a woman started ringing the bell very loudly next to Dax’s ear, he was shocked for a moment.
The atmosphere was casual and warm. Many people addressed Dax as Jason and pretended to be shocked by him. I love it Dax.
On the way there was a DJ who was playing scary clips projected on the wall. We went through it pretty quickly and pretty well thought we’d be done in no time…but that turned out to be a little different.

a test

Upon our arrival at the main shopping street we found ourselves in the middle of a large crowd.
We stood idly by for a long time and then walked step by step into the alley. The alley we all had to go through to reach the climax of the evening: the church!
Reminds me of Queen’s Day in Amsterdam in the past. Stuck in the crowd and feeling a bit oppressed. It took us 40 minutes to get over it.
The kids thought it was tough and this mom in particular! I can’t stand still all this time with my rotten knees and rheumatism. I didn’t show much, but it was an ordeal. I only thought if it was worth it for the kids!

Beef in the church

A kind of labyrinth was made in the church. Laser lights and sounds.
It was very cool but also exciting.
If you were around the corner, they would scare you, and there were all kinds of dolls in the seats.
Someone was playing the organ, candles were burning everywhere (fake). You could hear the children’s screams echoing through the church which gave an added effect.
It was a really cool experience, Dax was once terrified of a woman who has some kind of bird nose which scared people. He also thought it was cool and a little sexy, but I think it gave him a really nice feeling.

Next year again?

Tired but happy from the special evening, Dax went to bed when he got home.
We’ll be back again next year, right? I promised him we would go again.
I’ll make sure there’s an empty schedule after that because I’m worth nothing at the moment due to the severe pain in my leg and bad suspicion. It was totally worth it for me because this experience together was one I will never forget.

Finally: Greetings to the Horrorwalk organization, all volunteers, sponsors and everyone who participated. It’s great that this is organised. Despite the intimidating nature of the theme, the atmosphere was very nice and cheerful. It creates beautiful conversations, smiles and a kind of brotherhood. These types of events make life in West Friesland so wonderful.

Horror greetings from Kate

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