Placerdamer, 70, is sentenced to 10 years in prison for child sexual abuse

Placerdam/Rotterdam – On Thursday afternoon, November 3, 2022, a Rotterdam court indicted a 70-year-old man from the city of Placerdam for the sexual abuse of eleven (young) children. The man who lived in Nicholas Pitstraat, should go to prison for ten years. TBS has also been charged against the man, but the court does not consider this necessary. “TBS is not imposed with compulsory treatment because the chance of recurrence is not considered significant, in part because the suspect has Alzheimer’s disease,” the court said. The prison sentence is two years less than what the Public Prosecution demanded.

In recent years, Cees de J. assaulted a group of (very) young boys who came to his house. To the outside world, the man was Grandpa Seas. The 70-year-old has a clean criminal record, but according to the Public Prosecution Office, there are also reports that the man touched his children, his niece had to flick him and he was touching a woman. Then he assaulted a large group of Blaserdam children who came to him in his apartment on Nicholas Pitzrat Street and were given gifts, sweets, cigarettes, etc., so that they would keep their mouths shut from the sexual acts that often occurred in his house. the home.

Never forgive
Parents of the children attended the court hearing crying and despondently telling the judges how their world and that of their children had been wrecked by the abuse. One parent said, “There is a special place in hell for people like you.” Another said: “This man is an example of disease. How can you do such a thing? Our world has collapsed. Our cute little boy that this happened. An adult man indulging his sexual appetite for my son. I will never forgive him for what he did to my child. As a grown man you should stay away from children.” How can you do something like that? Blame the kids?” Others pointed out that they and their children had been sentenced to life in prison. “Monsters like you are not allowed to go out again. You broke my mother’s heart,” it sounded like.

According to De J., the child abuse began when he was hit on the thigh by children and shown to be bruised from all of it. Then the children “grasp the cross”. Then things went from bad to worse. “I can’t figure out how I got to this point. Sexual feelings were practically non-existent because I suffer from certain diseases,” said Seventy.

According to De J., he was often more of a spectator than he actively participated in, but the judiciary thinks about this completely differently. According to the judiciary, De J. did all kinds of sexual acts and had children perform these acts as well. There was also a “Jannie” sex doll that was used when children entered the house. Moreover, De J. gave children all kinds of things. According to Placerdam, it wasn’t a reward or pressure, but he just wanted to give things to be nice. In part because of his alleged generosity, he was known in the neighborhood as “Super-Grandpa”. One parent even saw DJ as a second father and as a surrogate grandfather.

Ces de J said. For the monitoring service, he believes that twenty percent is to blame and that the children themselves are eighty percent. Cees de J. grew up with his aunt. His mother was a prostitute and he never knew his father. He had turbulent marriages and none of his children had fond memories of his childhood.

The court issued its ruling on Thursday. The judges said: “The facts are very serious. The suspect repeatedly sexually assaulted 11 boys for a period of one year and nearly nine months. The victims’ ages ranged between five and fourteen. The suspect provoked and sucked on them. Some of the victims had to do the same to the suspect The suspect also encouraged them to have sex with the sex dolls he had purchased The abuse took place weekly, usually at the suspect’s home The suspect gave the victims toys, drinks, cigarettes and money, among other things. Although the suspect stated that he did not offer it in return sexual acts, except that it is plausible for the Court that the victims, especially given their young age, returned to the suspect to receive such things from him.The suspect put his lusts above the welfare of these eleven victims and abused the position of power and confidence he had as an adult regarding It concerns young and vulnerable children. The defendant’s actions are appalling and abhorrent. He has caused a lot of suffering and his actions have repeatedly violated the physical and psychological integrity of the victims.”

Evil effect
Moreover, the court says: “The suspect deprived his victims of the opportunity for the normal, undisturbed development of their sexuality – at an appropriate age and with their peers. Several parents reported that their child had changed from an extroverted and happy child to a fearful and closed child. One parent stated that her family Living “Between Hell and Cure” since the suspect’s arrest. Another family was forced to leave. It is likely that the full impact of the suspect’s actions on his victims and their family members will become apparent over time. But it is certain that the suspect had an evil effect on all those lives. The suspect betrayed the trust of the parents of his victims. They are angry and feel betrayed by the suspect, who was known as the friendly “grandfather of the neighborhood”. The defendant’s actions also aroused feelings of disgust and indignation in the society in general. The court considers all this harshly against the accused. To this Hadd, there should be punishment for the grave acts committed here and the court will impose a long prison sentence. And the prison sentence is a little shorter than what the public prosecutor has demanded, because the court did not prove that the suspect anally penetrated the minors.”

Measure after prison sentence
The court will accept expert advice and will not impose tbs with compulsory treatment. “The necessary acceptance of a legally protected form of residence can be achieved in the context of any conditions of parole. Then the extent of mental and physical deterioration as a result of Alzheimer’s disease can also be noted. In addition, the court will impose the behavioral measure and the restriction of freedom within the meaning of Article 38g of the Criminal Code. This procedure allows the accused to be supervised and comply with the terms after the end of his prison term.”

Part of the damage claimed was dismissed by the court. This is partly because the bill is not in the victim’s name, because it was not objectively ascertained that the delay in study was actually caused by abuse, because insufficient documentation on relocation costs was added.

The amount of compensation to be paid by De J. to the victims will be added here later.

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