November 3. JUST IN: Monica Vitti, “priestess of icy sensuality”, was born

every year in Japan Culture Day (Bonka no hello). This date was originally Emperor Meiji’s birthday.

Roman seal in honor of Laica

1957 Russian dog Laica (“Parker”) is the first living creature to orbit the Earth. It does this on board Sputnik 2, which took off from Baikonur. Laika was a Moscow mutt hybrid. Animals have previously been launched into space by both the Soviet Union and the United States, but they have not completed orbit. Sputnik II was not designed to land again and burned up on its return on May 14, 1958. However, Laika died long before that. The plan was to let it die before that from a poison in the automatically administered food. In October 2002, it was announced that Laica died of overheating and stress after just a few hours in space – during the fourth orbit. As early as 1998, 79-year-old space researcher Oleg Gazenko lamented about the harsh experiment. In 2006, Baby Dumont Tack wrote “Children’s Book Week Gift”: Laika in the stars.


Lulu (1948)

1948 The Scottish singer and actress is born in Lennoxtown (Glasgow) luluAnd the Her real name is Mary MacDonald McLaughlin Lowry. The talented butcher’s daughter took first place at the 1969 Eurovision Song Contest. Her Famous Songs: Shout, lies, to the master with love, the boom explodes, the man who sold the world, the boat I lure, I’m a tiger, I’m so hurt. She also worked in TV series lulu And the Very Wonderful.

1918 Sailors’ Uprising in Kiel. In the dead of the night of November 1, 1918, three warships sailed to Kiel. Rebel sailors on board, unleashing the November Revolution, transformed Germany from a monarchy into a republic in one fell swoop on November 9, 1918. Two days later, the Germans signed the surrender and World War I ended.

1917 Death in Port-la-Reine (Ile-de-France) from Leon Blue (71), influential French Catholic writer and debater. om . author Le désesperé (1887)Salut to les Juifs, (1892)Exegèse desplux communs (1902), Le Sang de Bouver (1909). He also made a great impression No femme beover (1897), translated into Dutch as poor woman (1947).

Léon Bloy’s literary work also had a major influence on the works of the painter Ixelles Luis Baretta (1866-1928), much of which is kept in the town hall of Fioren.

1931 Birth in Rome Monica Vitti, pseudonym is Maria Luisa Ceciarelli, famous Italian film actress. In 1958 she became world famous for her role in Laventura In which Michelangelo Antonioni wrote the history of the film. With this film, he moved away from classic drama, radically opting for a less narrative writing style and pushing the medium in a different direction. (…) Monica Viti embodied alienation. Described often – true or false? – As the “High Priestess of icy sensuality”, she was the muse of Antonioni in the first place lycles and in Disherto Rosso. Her presence and unapproachability was overwhelming. Her mysterious view of the infinite, her mysterious grace and characteristic cold blood made her a legendary actress with a unique acting style (Freddie Sartore).

In 1990, Monica Vitti stopped acting. She died in Rome on February 2, 2022 at the age of 90.


Frans van Quelleert (1880-1961)

1921 The following poster will be published in Antwerp:

An announcement from the city council


His Majesty the King has given the Lord Frans van Quavilaert Appointed Mayor of Antwerp.
Greetings to the new mayor!
The nobility of his heart and mind raised him to such great dignity.
He became the beloved mayor of all Antwerp residents without discrimination.
Tonight, at eight, Carlos will ring and patriotic songs will be played at the bell.
At 8:30 a.m., a band in front of the main church leads the procession in front of City Hall to greet the mayor and return him to Rosier.
Antwerp, 3 November 1921

Mayor Wen
Hector Lebon

1917 centenary of Ghent University. The Ghent Student Corps Hou ende Trou organizes an impressive celebration in Nederlandse Schouwburg, including a six hundred-strong choir led by Lieven Duvosel (1877-1956).

1917 construction new Flanders, A circle of socialists who broke away from the Belgian Workers’ Party and chose to associate socialism with Flemish nationalism, within activism. The original Brussels circuit has been imitated in Antwerp, Ghent and a few other places.


Amazon by Vladimir de Vries

1917 The sculptor is born in Groningen Vladimir de Vries. He grew up in the Skipper family. His work is classic, but the sensual appearance of some of his images leads to a discussion with clients and the public. He died in 2001 in Zuidlaren from the effects of Alzheimer’s disease.

1903 The United States announces its support for Panama Rebellion against Colombia. Not without self-interest, as it soon becomes clear: after three days they negotiate a treaty with independent Panama giving them 100 years of control over the Canal Zone.

1901 Birth Leopold III, the fourth king of Belgium, but the first to take the oath and address from the throne in Dutch and French. After his abdication in 1951, he wrote a “Political Will” in which he stated, among other things, that Belgium was built on the patience of the Flemish.

1900 Born in Herzogenaurach (Bavaria) from Adolf Dassler, abbreviated Adi Das. 1920 began with the production of sports shoes, Adidas yes. After an argument with his brother Rudolph, he directed the “countermark” puma on me.

1891 The first issue of Antwerp newspaper It seems. The initiator is Jean-Baptiste Neapolitan van Os, who has a commercial printing office in the city. In its first year of publication, the newspaper achieved a circulation of 7,600 copies per day. Barely four years later, that number had risen to 40,000 copies. Van Os sees his newspaper above all as a means of “dissemination of Catholic ideas” and “a member of the fight against beggars”.

1869 The first appearance of the British scientific journal temper nature.

1800 In Antwerp, a gusty wind blew on Vlaams Hoofd a two master From Scheldt to Vismarkt.

1793 Execution by the guillotine of the French writer Olympia de Gog (45), author A Declaration of the rights of women and citizens (1791). However, she was not sentenced to death for feminism, but for denouncing the Jacobite dictatorship. You will not get a lawyer and the sentence will be executed the same day. She is the second woman to be executed by guillotine after Queen Marie Antoinette.

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