“A good supermodel has the mentality and stamina of great athletes”

Many girls dream of a job similar to Doutzen Kroes. Fashion designer Ronald van der Kemp says that performing at a high level as a model for a long time requires the mentality and stamina of a great athlete. “You have to be very flexible, stand firm and know who you are. You have to be able to perform when necessary and know how to handle criticism. You also have to be disciplined, to be able to take care of yourself, to be kind, to be able to Withstand the inconveniences of travel, and be able to adapt to any environment.”

Upon request, Van der Kemp (58) compiled the top ten Dutch supermodels. During his three decades in the fashion world, he collaborated with some of his favourites. He admired others as a teenager.

Van der Kemp left for New York after his fashion education in Amsterdam. For a quarter of a century he worked abroad as a designer for such fashion houses as Bill Blass, Céline and Escada. He returned to the Netherlands eight years ago. He said he finished “compressing a lake with more lake and constant overproduction”.

In Amsterdam he founded RVDK, “the world’s first sustainable fashion label,” as stated on his site. He designs elegant, sexy, and elegant costumes for his clients from leftovers, leftovers from major fashion houses. His designs were worn by a host of stars, including Lady Gaga, Juliette Binoche, Emma Watson and Justin Bieber.

He no longer makes combos, because they are tied to a season; Van der Kemp designs whatwheels Calls, lockers of creations that last. “I want to go back to the idea that clothes are really valuable and not something to snap a quick Instagram photo.” Since 2017, he has been invited to display his wardrobes during Paris Haute Couture Week. He’s happy with this platform: “We’re the smallest fashion house with the biggest impact, I always say. Not on the environment.”

10 Karen Mulder (52)

A Dutch-looking model. As a Dutch person you can see that right away. With her pretty figure and sexy looks, she’s probably the type that a lot of guys like, just like Doutzen Kroes. For my shows, I choose supermodels and weird personality, not because they’re too cool or sexy. In my designs, women should become birds of paradise, and passersby should feel that something is going on.

“Karen Mulder was too much for my taste as a model” Cheap. But if you advance to [de Duits-Australische fotograaf] Helmut Newton got it right. Even in Newton’s nude photos, his models radiated class and strength. He made women so strong that just looking at his pictures made men nervous.”

9 Dotzen Cross (37)

“Doutzen Kroes is a chameleon, a versatile and versatile model. She does big campaigns, from Versace to L’Oréal. Her beauty appeals to many people.”

“I know from experience that she’s a very professional model, very cute too. I’ve worn her on the red carpet a few times. I once made a sustainability movie in my studio.”

“Relatively many of the best models come from Holland. It will have to do with our body: you have a lot of women here who are naturally tall and skinny. Yes, many of those models were discovered on the street by scouts. I immediately recognized the talent. This is a combination of fitness Physical, beauty and personality. Women are the ones who stand out right away.”

8 Saskia de Brau (41)

„In the boy girls category, the „ waiters, Saskia de Brau belongs to the top. In addition to being a model, she is also an artist. You can see that artwork in them. Unfortunately I didn’t have the budget to work with. It would fit my offerings well. When choosing models, I always strive for variety and variety. Ten years ago, only white girls walked in Prada shows. Now every fashion house is happily trying to meet the requirements for diversity. I can find a few full size Models at the end of the shows with only high-end models have a bit of credibility. They’re also always the same full-size models.”

7 Dewey Drijen (40)

“I’ve worked a lot with Dewi Driegen during her time in Paris at Céline by Michael Kors. She’s sexy and adorable at the same time, a serious little girl in a playful way. Whatever she wears for her, it’s great because she has such a good sense of what those designs represent. It’s not sacred to me and it can handle that fact.You have designers who make dresses that are only custom made for red carpets that you can’t sit in. I don’t like that.

“Dewi, who has Indonesian blood, has been around for a long time. Now in her forties she still looks great. Skinny, but also with a figure. She’s a bit off the radar of the fashion world, but I still love working with her.”

6 Ryan Van Rompuy (26)

“Rianne van Rompaey is today’s hottest supermodel. She’s been around for nearly ten years and has campaigned for many major brands and has been on the covers of many well-known international fashion magazines. I especially love the images that [het Nederlandse modefotografenduo] Ainz and Vinod with her.

“There is something pre-Raphaelite and aristocratic in her beauty. I think she can also become an actress. Because of her strong personality she has a special appearance and she knows how to tell a story as a model without looking like an actress. That’s fine.”

5 Linda Springs (64)

„When I was a teenager I liked Linda Springs in magazine fashion reports the way: Such an elegant and beautiful woman. Partly due to her Indonesian and Chinese roots, she has such an unusual appearance that you will want to keep looking at her. It wasn’t for nothing that she was one of the muses [de Tunesisch-Franse modeontwerper Azzedine] Alaa.

“A year and a half ago I asked her for a movie and a modeling. She’s now in her 60s and still pretty and graceful. So naturally. She regularly sees older models who have given everything for their looks. Look at Naomi Campbell [het voormalige Britse topmodel]Or the singer Madonna. Sad, you don’t know what you’re seeing.”

4 Lara Stone (38)

“Lara Stone can really take a picture. In terms of size, she’s a bit bigger than most top models, and almost all of them fit into a size 34. And then she also has that distinct gap between her front teeth. As a model she has almost too much personality: when she’s there You see it right.

“Stone is kind of an actress. There’s something naughty about her. And you immediately see that she’s smart. A model with all kinds of layers, very suitable if you’re looking for a double bottom.”

“I’ve worn it a few times for an event. Not in a show dress but a bit classic. Laura Stone really has a lot of herself.”

3 Marpsa Henink (58)

In the prime of her life, Marpessa Hennink participated in all the major shows. Her gait was as amazing as that of American model Pat Cleveland. Marpessa also brought excitement and electrification to the podium. Expensive clothes fit well. Thanks to her sense of humor and her frail body, she can, for example, over the top She meets Christian Lacroix’s fashion and makes her look almost casual. She also knew how to walk and go to show her creativity at its best. As a former ballerina, I love to give models directions for the catwalk. I’ll tell them when they can step it up a bit. Or I say: I think you’re a robot that just got out of a spaceship.”

2 Eman Hammam (26)

“Iman Hammam is the best Dutch model today. A woman from Amsterdam was unveiled as a model at Amsterdam Central Station when she was 14 years old. You can see from all of this Natural Beauty She feels good about her skin and can handle modeling work. She has time too. When she first appeared on magazine covers early in her career, those magazines sold poorly. Then readers expect there is a white girl. Fortunately, that changed in no time.

Some models drop out after two years. Iman Hammam has long-lasting qualities in this challenging profession. I’ve got it all.

1 Apollonia of Ravenstein (68)

“When I was seventeen, Apollonia van Ravenstein dazzled me as one of the first models. When I later visited in New York the American Library Vogue magazine I visited the magazine that I signed an exclusive contract with in 1972, and was impressed with all those covers with it. She was the first Dutch model to make it in America. She has a very strong and elegant look. Someone who stands out always and everywhere.

“I’ve never spoken to Apollonia. I’ve met her brother Paul. He has been married to American model Pat Cleveland for forty years. She is now 72 and still modeling. She’s also the kind of woman I find beautiful. Even when she’s older. When I posed with her recently, Paul was there. As an American, of course Pat can’t be in the top ten Dutch supermodels. That’s why Apollonia is in him now. Haha.”

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