‘We had to cooperate in kidnapping the children’


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  • Rymko Andringa

    Police and Justice Editor

  • Rymko Andringa

    Police and Justice Editor

A Polish witness caused an unexpected turn this summer in the investigation into the murder of Peter R. de Vries. His statements to the police led to new arrests and a postponement of the sentencing of the suspected gunman and his driver. Tomorrow the court will decide whether to refer their case. What is the story of Witness 5089 as referred to in the documentation file?

Out of nowhere, the manager of a chalet park in southern Holland reported it to the police in October 2021. The Polish man wanted to talk about various crimes, including the murder of Peter R. de Vries.

one way out

He had long heard from the sidelines what his criminal friends were planning to do. Now he himself runs the risk of being dragged into a serious crime. 36-year-old Paul was ordered to cooperate in the kidnapping of two children. He said refusal is not an option. He already knew a lot. “You should not see it as an invitation, but as an order,” he said in a subsequent interrogation.

Pole saw only one way out: to go to the police. There he told his story. According to him, the attempted assassination of de Vries in July 2021 and a number of other crimes were committed on behalf of the same people.

The justice system gave him the nicknames Eddie and “Witness 5089”. His statements to the police, on which this article was based, turned the investigation into de Vries’ murder upside down. Because he was able to find out more about those involved, the court decided to reopen the case regarding the suspected perpetrators of the murder just before the sentencing.

The most important link cited by witness 5089 is Christian M. (27 years old). AD is also from Poland, and as a teenager his parents settled in Bitoy. He became acquainted with “Eddie” through a mutual friend.

Eddie quickly realized that Christian was in the criminal environment. He helped his friend by registering and lending cars to keep them out of the eyes of the police. Eddie stayed with 100 euros a month.

According to Eddie, Christian said he worked for someone he called “Uncle”. “He was very intrigued by this uncle,” Eddie told the police. According to him, a Moroccan was in prison. Everyone was afraid of him. Eddie had seen on TV that he was “caught in Abu Dhabi or something”. One will be “Ruswan Taghi”. The police and the judiciary now suspect that the “uncle” is Ridouane Taghi. “But I haven’t heard from Christian his first or last name,” Eddie said.

private phone

He noticed that Christian had a “special phone of €3,000”, through which he communicated with a relative of his “uncle”. According to Eddie, he passed orders to Christian M, who identified jobs in his Polish circle of acquaintances.

For example, Christian said there was 150,000 euros to be made from the murder of a journalist. “The reason is because he’s working with a lead witness. He said they shot the main witness’s brother and now it’s his turn.”

According to Eddie, one of his Polish acquaintances, Camille E. of Maurik, was initially ready to take on the task. Remarkably, he later lost his firearm. Christian said Kamel was afraid and must have sold the gun somewhere.

In the end, Delano G. was arranged to shoot and Kamil E. had to be fired, said Christian M.’s liaison.

the mother

On July 6, 2021, Peter R. de Vries was shot in the center of Amsterdam. Less than an hour later, Delano J and Kamel J were arrested. According to Eddie, they were hiding in Rotterdam, but due to Christian M’s wrath, they took a different escape route than had been agreed upon and were stuck on the highway.

Eddy participated in the interrogation, “Christian then went to Poland for four weeks because he was afraid to speak Kamel about him.” “If Camille really started talking, they planned to kill his mother.”

De Vries was one of the most famous journalists in the Netherlands. Earlier we took a look at his life:

The crime journalist who doesn’t want to hide for anything and no one

Eddie now realized that he was in a very dangerous environment. He unsuccessfully tried to restore the cars in his name.

Then the mission came to help kidnap two children. A Maastricht man is said to have stole cocaine from his ‘uncle’s package’ worth €90m. The kidnapping of his children was supposed to force him to repay the money.

Eddie heard that the family was following. It was clear to him that he was serious because Christian M had already told a few weeks earlier that he had helped kidnap another man who was in debt to “Uncle”. “They threw him in the car and took him somewhere. They kept him there for four or five days. They made videos of him beating him.”


Shortly after Eddie knocked on the police door to evade his criminal mission, officers raided Christian M and several other Poles. M has been imprisoned ever since. Justice sees him as the organizer of the murder of de Vries.

The rest were released a day later. That same evening there were five men in Eddie’s chalet. Because he was the only one who was not arrested, they suspected him of being connected to the group. He was threatened with a hammer.

Eddie then hid. He was placed in the witness protection program. Police interrogations show that the Pole realized that the criminals wanted to kill him now that he had spoken. “I know these people’s ability. My life is in danger.” What is his motivation for certification? Eddie answers this question from the detective, “I want justice to prevail.”

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