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This year’s National Sinterklaas entry will take place in Hellevoetsluis on Saturday 12 November. Would you rather go somewhere else? In different regions, enough berth “assistant interklazen”. Few entries in a row!

This is where you should be.


Sinterklaas has been in Rotterdam for more than 70 years. After last year’s adjustment, you can now conventionally park along Willemsplein. Show starts November 12th at 11am. At 13.00, Sinterklaas will sit with Pieten, after which he will present Pieten’s show. After that he will start his city tour and finish at Grotekerkplein (3pm).


A day later, on Sunday 13 November, Sinterklaas will sail to Amsterdam with all his Pieten. The route consists of three parts: between 10 am and 11 am the entry will be over the water and the Sinterklaas will sail into town on the Amstel before transferring in the Hermitage to Amsterdam Harbor for a canal tour. The Holy Man can then be admired via Herengracht to Leidsegracht, before coming ashore via Prinsengracht. From 1 p.m. to about 4.45 p.m., Sinterklaas will continue its journey on horseback, followed by a procession of musicians, carriages, and petites. The final destination is Leidseplein for a festive party!


Harlem also receives visitors. On Sunday, November 13, the package ship Spaarne will be out again. At about 1 pm, the Sinterklaas sailed into town with Pieten, then moored at the Koudehorn. The remainder of the entry continues on the horse, eventually ending at the Grote Markt.

The Hague

Big party in the port of Scheveningen: for the 75th time Sinterklaas will arrive there on Saturday 12 November. This is followed by a fun driving tour through some of The Hague’s shopping streets. The party starts at 10:30 AM, after which Sinterklaas enters the harbor around 11.15 AM. Between 12:30 pm and 5 pm, it will pass through the city, ending at Lange Voorhout. Last year I needed an entry ticket; This year the event is free to access.

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The Holy Man and Peten will dock on Sunday 13 November in Beaushavn in Tilburg. He is expected to set foot on Tilburg Beach around 12 noon. Then they tour downtown with a real house band. After entering, feet can be lifted off the ground at 5 pm: the Sinterklaas disco will be organized in the Spoorpark, where Sinterklaas and Pieten will also be present. Please note: A disco entrance ticket is required.


In Leeuwarden there is a party on Saturday 12 November: Sint and Petten sail on the fleet around 11.15 am via Slauerhoffbrug, Hermesbrug, Verlaatsbrug and Vrouwenpoortsbrug towards Prinsentuin. He will set foot ashore at noon, then ride his horse and continue entering through downtown.


On Saturday, November 12, around 11 am, Sinterklaas will anchor his boat in Maastricht, on Maasboulevard. He will then make a circle over the Servas Bridge, and finally drive across town to Town Hall.


In the center of the country you can go to the city center of Utrecht. Here the saint sails into town on Sunday November 13. Afterwards, there’s a parade through town and a kids’ event at the Dumplin.

den bush

Sinterklaas will be welcomed at ‘s-Hertogenbosch on Sunday 20 November. He and Betaine arrived by boat at 12 noon in Bolwerk Sint-Jan. Once at the beach, after a short visit, he will continue on his way to the market, via Visstraat and Hoge Steenweg. It will be a real party under the accompaniment of musicians, sprinklers, gymnasts and flower girls.


Would you like to attend the Sinterklaas entry later? Then you can go to Deventer. Sinterklaas only comes on the last Saturday before Pakjesavond. This year it will be Saturday 3rd December. This has to do with the Sinterklaas ban over a century ago. They thought the party had become too commercial and then decided that Sinterklaas would no longer be allowed to appear before December 5th. Since 2011, this ban is no longer in force, but the custom that Sinterklaas come no earlier than the last Saturday before Good Evening has remained.

On Saturday, December 3, Peyton I will enter town already at 9:00 AM. Sinterklaas will enter IJsselkade at 09:30 AM. Then the saintly man rides across the center on his horse, eventually arriving at Bergkerkplein.

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