Marketplace recall campaign: “Give used games more often”

Amsterdam, November 1, 2022 – Today Marktplaats launches its holiday campaign that inspires parents to give children used toys as gifts rather than new ones. (Big) parents often live on the assumption that they can only please children with a new gift during the holidays. Look at used toys through a child’s eyes, is the message of the campaign. There is no difference for the children, but for the environment, the wallet and the whole world. The campaign will go live with, among other things, a television advertisement on national television channels.

With the new campaign, the trading platform responds to the social discussion about (mass) consumption behavior and the importance of reusing products. By opening its eyes to the value and importance of second-hand products, Marktplaats also wants to increase consumer awareness, towards a more circular economy. Thus, the trading platform is continuing its campaign in the holiday season of 2021, in which I expected the selection of used products to become more and more normal in the coming years.

There is no difference in children’s eyes, for the world more
Gregory Kokolge, Chief Marketing Officer, Marketplace: “You don’t have to change the world to change the world. Sometimes you just have to look at it through a child’s eyes. That’s what we’re conveying in this campaign. Parents (older) want the best for their (biggest) child and often see unnecessarily used toys as a lesser option. Previous research shows And our campaign that children see this very differently. For them, it’s fun, adventurous, not inferior to new, and it’s far from finished. Giving used toys as a gift is good or better. So it pays to clean out the attic or closets and give toys a second life. Or Study your child’s wish list and take a look at Marktplaats for a used alternative. This way you make the kids happy and at the same time you do good to the world.”

A special game test appears
For the campaign, Marktplaats organized a special unwritten experience with parents and their children from fourteen families, spanning over two days. Upon arrival, parents were asked to give their opinion of the toys used as gifts. Away from their parents, the children were invited to a room full of used toys. Six hidden cameras recorded their reactions and emotions. The difference in the parents’ perception and the actual reaction of their children could not be greater: the children reacted with great enthusiasm when they entered the room, while the parents expressed their doubts about the toys “used” in front of the camera. Real feelings show children that they see no difference between new and used. They see the games. To maintain the authenticity, the families did not know in advance which company was behind the initiative and what the experiment was about.

The game test was captured on a long video and served in 60 and 30-second TV commercials and various online versions. The campaign message is further disseminated through social media, influencers, CRM and advertising.

Inflation makes second-hand goods more important than ever
Kokolj: “For many Dutch families, buying (new) toys and gifts dominates the lead-up to Sinterklaas and Christmas. At the same time, these are also the months when people want to do something good. That was an inspiring starting point for the campaign for us, but unless We can foresee in the development, which began a long time ago, is the current situation in the world and economic challenges. Unfortunately, this makes the message more objective. Reuse, for example, buying used things is much cheaper for a wallet than buying new. We want to show people That in small steps they can make a difference to people and the world around us without compromising on fun or quality. Buying and selling on Marktplaats goes like nothing else.”

Watch the game test campaign video here: (134sec) / (60sec)

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