Hennie Snoeren: “If Maiko can get his sports manifesto, I’ll fly the flag!”

In the equestrian sport, not only the horse must be in good health, but the rider must also be in good health. Can you still participate in dressage, even with medical complaints? Hennie Snoeren and Anneloes van de Ven prove that it is possible to make the necessary adjustments. The ladies have been the owners of sixteen-year-old Frisian gelding Ursae Van het Jasperhof (by Ymte 407), also known as Maiko, for over seven years. Although they have suffered from medical complaints for years, this has never deterred them and they are working hard towards their greater goal in the equestrian sport; Get a Z.


I’ve known Henny Maiko for a very long time. She had been training him for a long time for his previous owner. Maiko came to be in the stable where she trained the young Friesian horses at that time and so Maiko became one of the Friesians she was going to ride with. After Maiko and his previous owner moved to another stable, I lost track of him for about two and a half years. At that time I bought myself a Friesian, because I no longer wanted to rely on other people’s horses. But due to medical complaints, this horse was not 100% suitable for me. I thought it was a shame to take such a talented horse only on field trips, so I decided to sell it to someone who could give her more opportunities for the sport.

Nice horse

After a while, the old Maiko owner called me and asked if I knew a potential buyer for Maiko. She had so little time for him and had to sell him with a pain in her heart. Of course I knew Maiko well and knew how beautiful a horse he was, so I decided to put on a show myself. The former Friesian Anellos drove a lot and sold her KWPN horse. That’s why we finally came up with the idea of ​​buying Maiko together. This way we share all the costs, time, training and care between us.

loyal and honest

Maiko is an incredibly loyal and honest horse. It’s often assumed that the Frisians are pretty cool, but Maiko sometimes needs some confirmation if he finds something exciting. It is a type of internal fat that can help you to cope with his stress with the right direction. The nice thing about it is that it adapts well to its rider. If you put someone on it, it will run like crazy. If you put a rider or an inexperienced rider on him, he will run his tour well. In addition to this, he is also very versatile in his work; He is good at riding outdoors, both under the saddle and in the harness, he can walk gently in dressage and can even jump. Henny laughs if he feels like it, that is.


Anneloes is a kidney patient and thus underwent a kidney transplant. Although that went well for a long time and Anilus used medications to prevent rejection of the donated kidney, which she received from her mother, there was still a rejection reaction. Doctors managed to save the kidneys in time. Anneloes will be stuck on different types of medication for the rest of her life that cause unpleasant side effects, such as a weakened immune system, a chronic condition problem, and physical limitations. This makes it very difficult and heavy for her to drive for long periods and especially to sit for a long time in a test, for example.

dressage sport

Despite this, Anneloes handles all setbacks as best she can and now competes with Maiko at the M2 level in dressage. “It has a sit-down distribution of games to keep fit. Although it is often said that people with such exemptions are disenfranchised at trial, fortunately this has not been the case with Anneloes. They are always judged fairly and of course in some Sometimes she gets a lower point, but that’s because she was so tired that she was so tired that she couldn’t make an i on the test than she could not sit in. So we didn’t have the impression that the waiver card caused a 1-0 deficit. .

medical complaints

It’s not just Anellos who suffers from medical complaints. Heaney also has medical problems due to multiple hernias. \ I had surgery on two hernias in my neck. This helped relieve the pain, but the damping function in my vertebrae was completely gone. I also have two more in my lower back. All this together means that due to the poor damping function, I can no longer sit very well on horses throwing high.

Special method and speed

So Henny has pulled out of her role as a competition runner for now, but Maiko continues to train at home. This way I can do it my own way and at my own pace, without having problems with my back. And he talks about forced sitting; Anneloes and I are of the opinion that the rider should be able to decide on this for himself. In principle, all parts can be carried out with light driving.


Anneloes and Maiko flew through the B, L, and M1 classes, but now that they’re nearly ready for Z, Anneloes and Hennie, they notice Maiko’s rookie build and heavy movement making it increasingly difficult to ride the more difficult exercises well. That is why they asked for help from Marco Schriel. I’ve always wanted to make sure Maiko achieves his sporting goal. If I could do it myself, of course I would, but unfortunately I can’t. A friend of mine, Marco Skrill, offered to ride a maiko. Just for really fun, but within an hour I was convinced he could drive Maiko to a Z. He can sit like the best, it’s incredible.

new team

With her years of experience in equestrian sports as a jury member, coach, and coach/coach, Hennie is convinced that there is no problem for Maiko to have different people on his back. “We checked it all out before setting this goal to make sure he could handle it. Marco and Anellos and I, a very nice friend who helps sometimes, are all people who have been in the sport of equestrianism for years and have a lot of experience. As a result, we are very close to each other from Where is leadership style and we can also help each other in our training sessions with Maiko.We make a good team and we complement each other.

sports predicate

“I gave up my private lessons to make sure Marco trains him once a week. Maiko learns a lot from that and Anneloes can continue to build on that. I can enjoy a lot of sidelines. Who knows, one day there will be a horse I can sit on! Before A year ago, Marco Maiko entered a horse competition in Z and it went very well. That’s why these two will soon be making their Z official debut. Anneloes will continue to release it and will join Z when she’s ready. If Maiko can get his sports kickstand, he’ll I raise the flag. Then I am very proud of our horse!”, she concludes enthusiastically.

Source: Hoefslag

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