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One in eight new mothers develop complaints after giving birth and health care professionals do not pay much attention to this. This is evidenced by research conducted by the Trimbos Institute. From worrisome exercises to finding mommy’s friends, these apps help moms through tough days.

“Maternal depression is still often overlooked,” says Linda Boullier, a psychologist and researcher at the Trimbos Institute. “Healthcare professionals often consider intense emotions under the guise of ‘maternity tears’, but one in eight women develop severe depression.” According to the Trimbos Institute, depression is the most common mental illness among new mothers. Each year this concerns 23,000 women who are pregnant or give birth.

When Anna Jacobs first became a mother, she also noticed that little attention was paid to the heavy aspects of motherhood. “During pregnancy, you will be well supervised, but when that is over, you are on your own. People are not so quick to wonder how things are going, while you are not always on a pink cloud. Sometimes that cloud is gray or black.”

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In 2021, 80 percent of Dutch people took advantage of e-health, or online health activities, according to figures from Statistics Netherlands. However, health futurist Quinn Cass describes the mental health of young mothers as “incredibly vulnerable to light” even in the tech world. Moms apps often focus on baby care, but rarely on the mother. It is important that women receive the best possible care after they become a mother, because that has a huge impact.”

Cash is currently studying how new mothers can be better guided through technology. As of November 2022, he hopes to launch more mental health apps for young mothers. E-health, mental health, and motherhood don’t seem to correlate much at the moment. However, the three experts see a bright future: according to them, there will be more and more applications focused on the mental health of young mothers.

For women who have recently become mothers, in the Netherlands there are currently two apps that focus on mental health. Below you will find five who speak Dutch and English Psychological healthApplications to install on your phone.

1. WellMom (Dutch)

In this self-help app, you will find a program in which you follow weekly exercises and exercises to prevent postpartum depression. Consider anti-anxiety exercises, breathing exercises, and a job to increase social support. You can also track your mood in a diary.

2. Mindful Mamas (English)

Breathe mama, this moment is only for you“Read when applying vigilance vigil mamas Opens. Meditation app is developed to find a balance between caring for your child and yourself. The app offers different meditations for each stage of motherhood and promises more self-love and acceptance. For example, you can choose a meditation directed at busy moms or “Postpartum support‘-Meditation.

3. Peanut (English)

Peanuts It is kind of a Tinder for moms, but for finding moms friends too. Motherhood can sometimes feel lonely and to counter that, the app was created. Just like on Tinder, you can swipe the profiles to the right and you can see your shared interests in the chat. The app is also a forum where you can have conversations with other moms.

4. Move it Mama (English)

Physical exercise is also important to staying mentally healthy. This workout app has been developed by fitness experts and doctors especially for pregnant women and mothers up to three years after childbirth. For example, you can strengthen your pelvic floor muscles, do stretching exercises, and also train your legs and buttocks. Nice too: Every week you read a fact about the changes your body goes through when you get pregnant or give birth.

5. How about Mom (Dutch)

In this app you will find more than 200 articles, symptom checker, exercise and relaxation. Inspirational quotes especially work well in the app, and you can share your birth story or take part in challenges. According to Jacobs, owner what about my mom: „We send a motivational message every day that fits the stage you are going through at that moment. We tell you that how you feel is normal and that you are not alone.”

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