Giron Workshop: Creative workshop for children and parents

Jeroen Rabenberg has been associated with primary education for nearly 20 years. First as a group teacher at Bos en Vaartschool in Haarlem, then in Special Education (van Gilseschool). Rich in experience regarding children’s visualization, he independently started a unique project 2 years ago. Giron’s workshop (Link to website at the bottom of this article)

Text by Charles Dugoff / Jeroen website quotes. Charles Dugoff Pictures (Click on the Pictures Below to Enlarge)

I recently visited Werkplaats in Jeroen located at Delftlaan 327 in Haarlem. A versatile oriented workplace, where young and old can creatively pamper themselves. In the opening photo, you see a girl “wrapping” sheep’s wool, but this is just one of the many materials that can be worked with. There are also many options for woodworking, for example. What struck me immediately was the enthusiasm of the children present, in this case a group of girls who, in addition to being free to choose what they wanted to work on, also immediately dared to create something personal. Children can use all kinds of professional tools in a safe way. In addition to expert guidance from Jeroen Rabenberg, parental assistance is sometimes appreciated with larger groups of children. Jeroen: I have been working for myself for almost two years now, with the knowledge and experience gained in my backpack to allow children to have fun, but also challenging experiences, where they can, in consultation with parents, practice skills that go beyond just making a piece of technology.

For about a year, I was again working at a (free) school, the Rudolf Steiner School. Last academic year with various assignments like guiding students and teacher, RT, taking over classes and emergency shelter during lockdown in December/January and in this school year I started as a carpentry teacher at Asiaweg site. I find independent entrepreneurship very nice, challenging and valuable, but I also miss working in a team, going for something together, learning together and from each other, and I’ve also noticed that I love “school life” (besides the workshop). Continue text Jeroen after the photo….Vision

The will to develop stems from a secure base. Children are born with the will to develop, and the will to learn. It is not uncommon for this to disappear in some or more areas. often stir absence of security With a tablespoon in porridge. By paying a lot of attention to a place that is fun and safe, children experience peace of mind to take on new things, look for challenges, and learn to deal with making mistakes, for example, just because they know it Making mistakes is allowed.

Perseverance pays off!

My experience in recent years has been that many kids are more than average motivated to persevere in tech projects, simply because it’s so much fun to make something you want to succeed at!

And so technology has become a means of achieving an evolution that can go far beyond just measuring, sawing, drilling and screwing and perhaps also having a positive impact that has an impact far beyond just the technology room.

Interested in learning

In addition to my knowledge and experience working with children with many conditions that impede learning, I have discovered for myself in recent years that working with children who have lost the motivation to learn a little suits me well. By researching together an interesting topic and appropriate teaching methods, children often succeed in learning again. Technical customizations fit into this, for example, but more theoretical programming or difficult computations can be a great fit too!

family help

My child can be found regularly in the workshop, with or without friends, who in addition to the fun experiments is also useful to reinforce the concept through their feedback and mine! My wife, who is in primary education, not only helps me think about the concept, including thinking about the layout of the room, in order to get and maintain a nice balance between “man cave”, organized classrooms and a bit of a family atmosphere. The text continues after the pictures (below: can also be drawn) In Jeroen’s workshop, boys are mostly interested in things like soldering and electronics. Jeroen showed me, among other things, an example of an LED lighting installation in a Dollhouse.Jeroen’s workshop may encourage children to choose the craft trade, a profession that requires special expertise, and for which a shortage of skilled workers has already arisen in today’s society.

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