News from Friesland from 29 and 30 October | A contest in memory of the wrecked Egbert and his lost son Rymer at the Sexbierum and a laden memorial at the Seamen’s Monument at Terschelling

At Sexbierum, a sad week ended on Saturday with a match in memory of Egbert van der Veen (46) who died at the Wadden Sea and his 12-year-old son Remer, whose body is still missing. This and more in our overview of the news of the past 48 hours.

What do you do if your father is killed in an accident, and your brother is still missing in the Wadden Sea, and the whole week is in mourning, and therefore you no longer know where to look? Then you play football.

The quarter-finals of the European Championships will be darts at Danny Neubert. “I couldn’t find my own game”

European Darts Championship Finished by Danny Neubert In the last eight. The quarter-final match against Dirk van Duijvenbode was a struggle.

The darts player from Gouri felt from the start of the match on Sunday afternoon that things were not going well. ‘Somehow it didn’t work,’ said Neubert. ‘I couldn’t find my own game.’

Commemoration of ‘Hardly Charged’ at the Mariners’ Monument in Terschelling

Annual celebration at the Terschelling Seamen’s Monument It was additionally uploaded this year. The thoughts of those present at Westerkerk went mainly to the victims of the Schuitengat accident, just over a week ago.

Dozens of students – dark blue suit, white hat – from the Naval College form an honor guard at the entrance to the church. When they’re the last to enter, the house is more than full: former students of the Naval Institute, representatives from KNRM, Loodswezen, shipping company Doeksen, the mayor, an alderman and a group of elementary school children fill the chapel.

Police: We will continue to search for victims of Terschelling as long as we can

Last weekend, there was once again a full search for the last two victims of the Terschelling disaster. So far with no result. The search will continue for the next few days.

KNRM Rescue Ships, Police Boat, SAR Helicopter and Coast Guard Aircraft: All species were searched by twelve-year-old Rimmer van der Veen and 49-year-old Jussi de Vries who fell into the sea from the water taxi on Friday, October 21. equipment.

New Star Hill VWire shows the beauty of the night

During the night, a Star Hill special opened in Wier. “A lot of people look, but they don’t see anything.”

It’s already dark outside Wier on a Saturday evening, just before 8. The moon does not appear on Saturday evening, so the stars have unleashed. One of the villagers present, Hermann Settima, says he’s in a beautiful gin. He points out: “Sjogh, there are panties. ”

Bocage Friesian landscape restored for 2.6 million

The view of the Bocage is located in the eastern part of the county of Freslin They received a subsidy of 2.6 million euros, Landscape Management Friesland Reports.

As part of the restoration and enhancement project completed on Friday, wooded banks – 100 km – and alder canals, 37 swimming pools and 12 hectares of shrubs were renovated. New forests about 18 kilometers long were laid.

These are the winners and losers of SC Heerenveen after the Kees van Wonderen system change

He lost the duel with FC Utrecht (1-2), but Kees van Wonder confirmed in his opinion that the 4-3-3 system suited his choice. Who are the winners and losers of SC Heerenveen?

In recent weeks, it has often been a case of a lack of creativity at SC Heerenveen. Well, with players like Amine Sarr, Anas Taheri, Simon Olsson, Tom Hay and Rami El Hajj there were plenty of creative footballers in the starting lineup against FC Utrecht. That was evident, especially before the break, when Heerenveen created plenty of chances with a good mix of play. Heerenveen played his best performance in the first half of the season.

Amateur detectives sometimes hurt orthopedic entrants

It’s a staple in media-sensitive dramas: Amateur investigators are not required to intervene in the case. They are convinced that they know the real facts, often relying on conspiracy theories and contradicting what justice believes.

In particular, cases involving children, missing persons and abuse serve as a magnet for self-proclaimed investigators. As prosecutor, judge, and executioner, they get in the way of the police and hurt those involved to the bone. Sometimes they go too far.

More in the news:

* Snake Railway Museum Model Until the semi-finals From the TV show Grote Kleine Treinen Competition.

* Northern lights To be seen on Terschelling.

* Animal rescue staff Save the cat from the channel in Leeuwarden

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* This is Schweitengat, Nature has reopened a route to and from Terschelling: last week the Tiger speedboat and the Stormloper water taxi collided with each other.

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