10 times the scariest places in Spain to celebrate Halloween

Halloween is becoming more and more popular in Spain, and for good reason. Of course it is always fun to dress up, and in addition to the carnival, this is also possible with Halloween. Many shops, bars, restaurants and families do their best (in a normal year other than Corona) to create a spooky Halloween atmosphere, but did you know that there are countless places in Spain where you don’t have to do anything that’s normal scary enough already.

We can’t provide a complete list of the terrifying and scary places in Spain here, but our internet search yielded the following list. Some of these places are old hotels, monasteries, castles, caves and abandoned villages scattered all over Spain. Let’s start Halloween.

1 – Belchit (Zaragoza)

The old village of Belchite is scary enough when you see the abandoned and dilapidated houses, but when you also know that this village suffered so badly during the Spanish Civil War and many residents died, it might happen that those spirits still roam here like ghosts.

Toledo... Imperial.

2 – Toledo (Toledo)

Nowadays Toledo is a tourist attraction, but it was different in the past. The city of Toledo has many legends and ghost stories, and the municipality also provides ways to learn about the most terrifying places in the city. In the old quarters, for example, the places where the murders took place are visited, the ancient cemeteries are visited and the actors are told everything frighteningly.


3 – Zugaramordi (Navara)

Zugarramurdi is a place in Navarre that is famous for witches and witchcraft. The municipality is located near the city of Pamplona and in Spain it is a place where most of the witches used to live, and who knows they may still be alive. Several people were burned at the stake during the Inquisition and ghosts of witches are said to still roam here. There are even voices of witches still living in Zugaramordi, who knows.

DSC_5430- Editar

4 – Palacio de Hornillos (Cantabria)

Also known as the Palacio de Las Fraguas, Palacio de Hornillos is a mysterious palace often shrouded in fog. Fans of terrifying feature films will instantly recognize the house as it was used as a setting in Alejandro Amienbar’s Nicole Kidman movie “The Other”. The house is said to be haunted, but these stories could have been created after the movie was shown…or maybe not.

Belmez de la Moraleda - Cara I

5 – Belmes de la Moralida (Jaen)

In itself there would be nothing special about this small village in Andalusia’s Jaén province were it not for the sudden appearance of faces on the rocks and walls here in the 1970s, known as “Las Carras de Palmes”. At the time, it was one of the most important paranormal apparitions in Spain and despite the fact that many believed this was a scam, the village is definitely worth a visit. Who knows, just at that moment the face of someone you know may appear and who has just died.

Santuario de la Palma 15

6 – Santuario de Palma (Castellon)

In the middle of the Tossa Mountains, two kilometers from Zorita del Maestrazgo, you can visit the beautifully located Santuario de Balma. However, do not be dazzled by the beautiful view and location, because this is a place where a lot of exorcisms took place in the past, where the holding people were tied with their hands and feet and had to sing loudly so that the demon could leave them. Corpses.


7 – La Musara (Tarragona)

La Mussara is located high in the mountains in the province of Tarragona, not far from the touristy Costa Dorada. This is an abandoned village located on the edge of a valley with great panoramic views, but … not far from this deserted village, Villa del Ses, a place said to open to another dimension. True or false, people regularly disappeared without a trace in this neighborhood, maybe reason enough not to go here…or anyway.

Cortijo Jurado

8 – El Cortijo Jurado (Malaga)

Cortijo Jurado is a huge country house that has been abandoned for years. It was once an imposing villa, but since it has been abandoned, the building has become haunted. It seems that the demonic sexual murders of young girls from the area were being committed in basements and tunnels. More than 100 years later, the ghosts of these murdered girls still roam the villa. I read here More about Villa Cortijo Jurado and after reading this story, think about whether you still want to go there.

Photo: Chema Conesa / El País

9 – Camping de los Alfox (Tarragona)

On July 11, 1978, a propane tanker exploded on the road adjacent to this camp site in the south of the Costa Dorada, after which the fire spread to the entire camp at sea and up to 215 people died and 100 people were seriously injured. Now, after many years, it is still said that it is haunted and that visitors to this place regularly hear the screams of people, ghosts, spirits or …


10 – Estación de tren Canfranc (Huesca)

Canfranc train station, high in the Pyrenees, has been abandoned for decades, and abandoned, dilapidated buildings, empty trains, and eerie surroundings can serve as a scenario for a horror movie. The train station on the border with France opened in 1928, but many things have happened since then. For example, once a train derailed, killing dozens, and in 1970 a bridge collapsed with a few dead and many injured.


11 – Room 712 Parador de Cardona (Barcelona)

at the hotel de Parador from CardonaOnly 100 kilometers from Barcelona, ​​you can sleep in a real haunted room. In Habitat 712, strange, strange and inexplicable things are happening. For example, taps are turned on, things move, windows open, strange sounds can be heard and some guests may have told that they saw something or someone in the room. The room was closed for a long time because no one wanted to sleep there anymore, but a few years ago the room could be booked again…for the real heroes.

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