In the spring of fashion it turns pink

It’s spring, at last. Pink, a color with a turbulent and energetic history, colors clothing shelves.

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Think pink!The ad campaign screams bright floral outfits from H&M. Sister Cos proudly announces that the pink sweater is back in the spring show, and already leading French luxury house Jacquemus released a warm pink children’s clothing line for last winter.

I think pink‘Refers to a world-famous scene from the delightful movie funny face (1957) starring Audrey Hepburn. A (freely translated) fashion magazine editor-in-chief sings: ‘Think of pink! When you’re shopping for summer clothes. Red is dead, blue is gold, green is obscene, and brown is taboo. Think pink!’

C&A and Primark collections, as well as brand collections from a higher segment, do not offer very pronounced summer colors. But they all promote pink as a distinct color. The platform sites also offer hundreds of examples of the keyword “pink” for the season. So pink, in all its shades, from light salmon to bright fuchsia, seems to be the color of the day this fashion season.

Restricted color range

When trend forecaster Lidewij Edelkoort discussed trends for this coming summer at the end of November 2020, we didn’t know how long the doom and gloom would last. And certainly there will be no more war after that. But she was already sure of the 2022 color picture. It would be dim; Pastels and faded dullness will dominate. I argued that we should “reset” our ideas about fashion and lifestyle and start over with a blank page. There is a little color and cheerfulness.

It is impossible to say whether the fashion industry immediately followed this advice, but the color range in spring clothes is already reserved. Edelkoort made an accent of pink or other bright colors. During her digital show, she briefly disappeared from view switching her eternal black outfit with bright pink outfits. In all the gloom, I realized that every now and then we need something festive.

The Molly Goddard Collection.

Purple clothes can be found with a lantern

The Pantone Color Institute thought of another color trend: purple. The company publishes the color coding so there is no confusion about the accuracy of the color shades. The 2022 pick is ‘Very Peri’ (code 17-3938). Pantone considers him ‘a symbol of universality’ […] The transition we are going through.’ A little ambiguous, but usually this color seeps into the fashion picture.

This is not the case now. Purple clothes can be searched by lantern.

The use of pink as a fashion color goes way back. In the eighteenth century, men and women dressed elegantly in pale pink, emphasizing their aristocratic sense of status and fashion.

Later, the pink color was shocking. Deviant fashion designer Elsa Schiaparelli proved it in 1937, when she wore her mauve and pink shockCollection and perfume. Schiaparelli said in her book horrible life That the predominantly white fashion audience had a hard time coming to terms with this bright color because it was mainly worn by African Americans. This comment has been removed from the US edition of the book.

Pink clothes from the French fashion house Jacquemus.  picture

Pink clothes from the French fashion house Jacquemus.picture

Color protest that calms

The stereotype that blue is for boys and pink is for girls has been fading for a while now. But on the runway and in the store, pink is still the dominant color for girls and women. Fashion coordinator Madelef Hohe confirmed at the show Fashion in color At the Kunst Museum in The Hague (2020), this pink is an extreme color. “From girls to punk, from feminine to masculine, from innocent to sexy.” It is the color of the fight against breast cancer, the color of the gay liberation movement, the color of the world of ballet, children’s clothing and princess dresses. The Pink Pussy-hat movement chose pink as a protest color during the Trump administration.

In Prague, a pink tank commemorating the end of Russian rule. Pink seems to have a calming effect. After World War I, this nuance of color was seen as the perfect color to express peace. Could trend color also play a role in this?

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