The new Range Rover is an artistic and aesthetic masterpiece

This scary bunny would have preferred to leave his new Range Rover out of town. Whoever sees it will understand it. You also don’t confine a gorilla to a hamster cage. The regular rocket, which they call short on Land Rover, is five meters long and two meters wide. It makes the long wheelbase or long wheelbase longer by twenty centimeters for an additional fee. You can even have it with the third row of seats these days, quite large. So the situation becomes quite troubling if you threaten to be late for a date in Mokum’s heart. There is only one thing to do. Completely choked in the racketeering garage under the Museum Square, quickly get a personal loan to the payment terminal, then hope the tram never stops.

Is the car not too high for the garage? Just to be sure, I press it between the Biròs on the Lairessestraat to stop checking. Do not worry, with 1 meter 87 I am 3 centimeters lower than my maximum entry height. Will Q-Park certainly have a reasonable margin of safety for geeks who accidentally leave their Range Rover in high off-road mode with the push of a button? However, the young men my turn on the Van Baerlestraat stared after me in astonishment. There is a smell of blood I feel oppressively rushing towards the top of my skull as I go down to level-2.


The fluorescent tubes in the ceiling seem to want to dig through the window like spears. I see the thick heating tubes in the parking lot at eye level as the naval guns point towards me. Range Rover survives the ordeal. With the standard rear steering wheels, it’s remarkably easy to use on these narrow trails. Thank God. I’ve been a fan of him since he was born. Still unique: one of the best off-road vehicles in the world with the comfort of a first-class limousine. You dive unscathed in a narrow valley, wading into a river with dry feet to a depth of 90 cm. Next, wipe the sand off your arms and continue sitting on the divine seats with soothing swell of air up to 150mph as if an off-road adventure had never happened before.

It was never a cliched Range Rover. It’s amazing how the horizontal and standing lines are shaped again into a massive royal shape but not a cost effective overall. The front doors’ light metal gills have now been frayed into a kind of aluminum tuning fork. The template connected to the previous template has disappeared. Step by step it makes it more abstract, naked, simpler and more geometric. The lower grille is reminiscent of the pre-war bumper with a double horizontal decorative line. Polished aesthetic tricks everywhere lighten its physical size. The rear-sloping sill subtly relieves the donkey of its weight. The lower part of the two-part trunk lid is enclosed in a rectangular frame into which the taillights are invisibly integrated. This plastic patch removes slackening. No SUV of this size is forever as elegant as this one.

The accessories feature distinctly beloved British features, such as the pet ramp and spill-resistant water bowl. He himself is a moderate drinker with his mildly hybrid engine. The manufacturer attributes its average consumption from 1 to 9.7. I came to 1 to 13.1 and that’s why I don’t have to save him massively. For a car that weighs 2,500 kilograms, it’s amazing. If you say a little about driving, it’s because you don’t notice it, which is the highest compliment a noble transportation can receive.

Despite this, no one will buy the P400. Everyone takes a Plug-in Hybrid. With 40 more horses, it costs 40 thousand euros less due to the BPM advantage. The first all-electric Range Rover will follow in 2024. Then no one can frown at this sly mega thing, because it is not only tasty but healthy as well. But he is already quietly above the law. expensive? Having paid for Q-Park, I can’t get the compulsive indignation out of my throat. What’s worse, asking 180,000 euros for a masterpiece and aesthetics, or stopping this parasite 23.40 for three hours in a rural town that has been lifted off a horse? You can’t grab a Range Rover driver with him, but for the common man, there are twelve liters of beans and four bottles of non-lethal wine. I think it’s way more hideous than that car.

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