CDK JR Dancers Win Holland’s Got Talent 2022: ‘Artistic, More Than Just Dance’ | show

Dan Caratti’s prediction for CDK JR came true on Friday. The Veldhoven dance team of 13 girls and boys aged 13-17 won tonight’s final. Hollands Got Talent 2022.

The team danced to Beethoven’s fifth tune, and received a standing ovation from the judges. ,,off the chartsKarate called the show. “Artistic, more than just dance,” Edson da Graça agreed. The audience honestly agreed with the jury, because CDK won the RTL talent show with an overwhelming majority of votes.

CDK dancers won Holland Got Talent. © Joanne Friday / DCI Media

Mijke van der Wal (16): I thought: is this real or is it happening in my head?

“It was really a dream come true to be able to participate. I’ve always been a fan of Chantal Janzen. To meet her was already a dream and now we hugged when we won,” adds 17-year-old Valerie Doem. Since I danced at CDK I’ve seen older groups get on TV shows. They really have been a role model for us, participating and winning is amazing as well.”


Since they had to be the first on the podium in the final, I didn’t think they would win

Sergio Reyes, choreographer

Choreographer Sergio Reyes has extensive television experience. He did shows himself and worked as a choreographer in television productions. However, he didn’t see victory coming during those last trying moments. Because they had to be the first on the podium in the final, I didn’t think they would win. I thought: They want to keep it exciting in terms of order.”

His experience enabled him to prepare the group well. “For example, I told them that they also have to show during the training sessions that they deserve the final.”

Watch a group presentation:

Straight to the semi-finals

The team certainly did the latter in Karate’s eyes. He pressed the “golden bell” in the first ring, which put the team directly into the semi-finals. Floor Jansen (14): After that first time, the tension was a little bit more for me because we were already on stage and we were allowed to dance first in the semi-finals and final. traning time on the stage. You feel a little more comfortable because you can prepare.”

The dancers trained about fifteen hours a week in the weeks leading up to recordings, sometimes at the school’s expense. Jansen: It was very difficult at the beginning of the school year, but that came first. Fortunately, I just moved to Havo 4 last year.” Valerie didn’t dance in the semifinals because of her final exams., That was a shame, but then I had all the time, because my exams were over.”

“Plan B is not necessary”

Floor and Mijke want to go to the Hogeschool voor de Kunsten in Amsterdam. Floor is currently doing a dance preparatory course at CKE in Eindhoven. “Plan B is not necessary for me, because dancing is really my passion.”

The hardest thing the dancers found was keeping quiet that they won even after the broadcast. Valerie: You know, hard training is part of it, but that was really hard.” Mijke: My friends saw it in me, because I’m not good at lying.” Fleur says lying to everyone wasn’t really fun. But now it can really be celebrated. They did so on Friday evening directly in Schalm where the small hall was rented. The team won a prize of €50,000 that will be used in the CDK. Reese: “I don’t think parents will have to invest money to buy clothes and accessories in the coming years.”

CDK Junior wins Holland's Got Talent
CDK Junior wins Holland’s Got Talent © William Rotten

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