Have you been with your partner for a long time? This is how you keep your relationship alive

In fairy tales, couples in love often live happily ever after. Unfortunately, this is a very rosy picture of love. We stare blindly at the “perfect” picture and this can make a relationship seem less lively. Is it possible to recognize him? This is how you guarantee it brilliance!

Have faith

Trust is important in every relationship and above all, the foundation. A relationship cannot be built if you do not trust each other. You may find it difficult to blindly trust someone, for example because your trust in a previous relationship was damaged. This can even lead to some fear of commitment. If you are already in a relationship without trust, you better stop. You also want your partner to trust you. If you want to start a relationship, it is best to start with a clean slate. Confidence begins with knowing your partner. Who is your partner, what can he do and what does he have to offer?


being intimate

Intimacy is often confused with sex. Sexuality can arise from intimacy. You can express your love to your partner in different ways. It’s actually a kind of language that we speak. It is especially important that you make sure that both of you are aware of how you want to show your love for each other. Your partner may have a completely different need than you. Is this, for example, through physical contact or through doing things together? With physical intimacy, you can consider hugging, holding each other, or engaging in sexual activity. They talked about it together. Communication is the key! Communicating with each other falls into the framework of intellectual intimacy, where you get a sense of kinship through good conversations or discussions. More social or emotional intimacy are variables you may need. By being aware of each other’s needs, you can grow as a person, but also as a couple.


make yourself vulnerable


want to invest

Just as you build a friendship, you also build a relationship with your partner. It just takes time and attention. You have to be willing to work on your relationship. You are not supposed to pull a dead horse or vice versa. In a relationship it has to come from both sides and not one person gives 70% and the other 30%. We subconsciously keep track of how much the other person is investing in the relationship. When you find yourself giving more than you get, it leads to frustration.

You invest in your relationship by making time for each other, but that includes interactions. Do activities together, such as traveling, cooking, or walking. When you’re ready for something different, take a look at what you haven’t done together before. Make it an exciting adventure. Not only is the activity important, but also the communication between you and your lover. You increase your bond with each other by being able to talk about things with each other. Sometimes a little attention can be given to the very little things. For example, over dinner, make time to discuss each other’s day. This way you take the time to invest in each other and not overstep each other.


Bring out the best together

Girlfriends and friends bring out certain aspects of you, but so does your partner. What aspects of your partner highlight in you the most? Just think about it. In a relationship it is important to compliment your lover. Bring out his best. For example, in a relationship, you learn a lot from each other, but also from yourself. You share experiences and knowledge with each other, which gives you a completely different view of certain things. When you’re not feeling well, laughter is the best medicine out there. Humor is very important, because if you can laugh together you will also notice that you feel better faster. Unfortunately, life is not always rosy. When you are going through a difficult time, you should especially seek support from each other. Helping each other will help you get over it faster. You are strong together!


grow towards each other

Personal growth doesn’t have to be a hindrance to your relationship. It is actually very important a good relationship stimulates personal growth. You may be very worried that both of you are going to grow in different directions, but you shouldn’t be. Change is an integral part of it. Suppose your partner doesn’t keep growing, that will also become boring at some point. This also applies in the opposite direction. To remain attractive to each other, you have to give each other space to grow. This way you can get closer to each other. Give each other the responsibility to get the best out of yourself and your life. Keep growing!


build together

Build, build and build more. A process that requires a lot of time, attention and love. Every person and every relationship is different. A good relationship begins with yourself. Know who you are, what you want, and what you need from the other. One of the secrets of a relationship is gratitude. Express to each other how grateful you are to each other. This gives your relationship extra Strengthen.

Be realistic with each other. This may be less romantic, but it is important. Don’t immediately throw in the towel after an argument, because not everything is always sweet and bright. Find out with your partner what works for you and what doesn’t. Everyone has their own dreams and desires. These play an important role if you want to build something together for the future. Above all, ask yourself if you don’t get in the way of each other in certain things. If there is no room to work on certain dreams, the passion within the relationship can wane. Of course we want to prevent that.


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