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Drawing on a tablet is a piece of cake, but if you want to take it more seriously, consider the apps and accessories below.

Drawing on a tablet is a fun pastime. You can already do a quick scribble with your fingers, so to speak, but if you want to get serious about it, it’s wise to have good tools and equipment.

smart pen

To get started, you need to purchase a smart stylus compatible with your tablet. These are the Apple Pencil for the iPad, the Microsoft Surface Pen for the Surface products, and the Samsung S Pen for the S7 and S8 tablets. At Apple you always have to buy them separately, in Microsoft and Samsung they are sometimes already included.

There are also universal styluses compatible with Android, iOS, and Windows, from companies like Tikkens and Fedec. The manufacturer Wacom offers several smart pens that are compatible with its Wacom drawing tablets. As a rule, the universal pen is cheaper, but less accurate.

What tablet do you choose to rely on

You can make beautiful graphics on a tablet from Samsung, Microsoft or Apple, but there are other brands as well. Manufacturer Wacom, for example, has a wide range of drawing tablets. Some are cheap but don’t have a screen: so it’s just a piece of peripheral equipment that you have to connect to a screen. These are already available for 50 or 100 euros.

At the other end of the spectrum are, for example, the Wacom Cintiq Pro 24 stylus (2149 euros) and the Wacom MobileStudio Pro 16 (3599 euros). These are professional drawing tablets with ultra-fine pens, professional 4K displays, and associated functions.

“Not everyone likes a professional tablet’

Remko Nieuwenhuizen, designer and designer at Rdesign, has experience with this: professional drawing tablets often feel a little slippery. Not everyone likes that. Most important is pressure sensitivity. As a rule, tablets have between three hundred and three thousand pressure sensitivity levels. The higher the price of a drawing board, the higher this level is and the more detail and subtle effects you can add to your drawings and designs.”

,, especially illustrators who, for example, make comics with Wacom discs. The pitch angle of the artboard is also important. You can’t tilt your smart stylus on every tablet. This is a matter of feeling.”

Tablet can look like paper

You can stick a screen protector on your screen that makes you feel like you are drawing on paper. For the iPad, for example, you have Paperlike, Paper Feel, or PanzerGlass GraphicPaper, all of which have been developed to work with the Apple Pencil.

Other options include Dux Ducis Paper Feel Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 screen protector or MoKo Paper screen protector.

Sarah van de Geer, 17, relies solely on her iPad, on which she also drew this illustration. © Sarah van de Geer

“I can’t find a replacement for the iPad”

Sarah van de Geer (17) from Amsterdam is currently working on her portfolio to be accepted into art school and has been designing on an iPad for many years. “When I was 10 I bought a first generation iPad Mini with my savings and with some help from my parents. My grandfather, who was also very creative, bought me ProCreate. This software was a find and I still use it because it works just like that. smooth! There is really no substitute for it.”

“I’m now using a 2020 iPad with a separate keyboard and Apple Pencil. The screen is a little bigger, so that’s a nice design. In my case, the Pencil works easier than the Pencil because you can effortlessly erase something. In addition to ProCreate, I’m now using FlipaClip to create Animations I then stick in with iMovie. I actually work on my tablet every day.”

drawing apps
These apps are highly recommended if you are serious about putting your creative skills to work.

Adobe Photoshop Sketch (iOS and Windows) It is widely used by professionals and has an easy to use interface. The application includes many brushes, tools and effects. It will translate the pressure you put on your pen to the screen.

Affinity Picture (Windows, Mac, iOS) – A relatively new player in the world of digital art, but the possibilities of the application are enormous. The tool allows you to import high-quality images and is able to simultaneously process thousands of objects. Versatile but with a rather steep learning curve, which is very challenging for beginners.

Procreate (iOS) It can look overwhelming but is good for novice and aspiring painters. There are plenty of brushes and filters, as well as helpful tutorials with different difficulty levels. The interface is pleasantly elegant.

Clip Studio Paint (iOS, Android, Windows) Provides a good entry point for creating digital art and is used by professionals and educational institutions for animation, animation and comics. The app offers a large selection of digital tools and customizable pens and brushes. A beginner will have to invest a lot of time to deal with this software, but the comprehensive tools will help you step by step.

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