“I moved to Thailand out of love and came back out of love.”

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Patricia Banasri, 36, is married to Jack, 42, and the mother of two daughters (9), Gaya (2), and a son, Deva (6). It operates as a business miner.

“Actually, I was on my way to Laos, but I accidentally got on the wrong bus. That’s how I ended up in the poorest part of Thailand. There was no hostel and hardly any tourists. I was planning to move on after one night, but I met a group of volunteers who They got me excited about their work.

It was 2009, it was a crisis, and I had just completed my master’s degree in interior architecture. I wanted to travel again before my working life began. Since I didn’t have a fixed plan anyway, I decided to go with that group. when we were in stuck When I arrived I thought: This is the real Thailand. He did not touch her and did not touch her. I thought it was a nice place to stay a little longer and started teaching English at the village school as a volunteer.

“A boy from the Thai countryside didn’t fit my ten-year plan.”

After a while I realized that Jack, the owner of the volunteer organization, was looking at me a lot and joking a lot. I loved it, but my western view held me back. A boy from the Thai countryside, he didn’t fit into the ten-year plan I made for her when I went back to Holland. However, I threw myself on an adventure with Jack, and I wanted to enjoy it there and not think about the future.

Valentine’s Day

Four months later I went to Holland. And though I thought Jack was pretty special up until now, my head just still didn’t pop out. I didn’t see myself staying there forever, but I didn’t see him live in Holland either. But hey, after five months at home, I knew it wasn’t just the vacation love I left behind. I found work in the Netherlands and had my family and friends. Everything was fine however I was missing something. I had to go back to see if Jack and I had a future.

In Bangkok he was waiting for me, we traveled together to the village where he lives. Even though my ratio screamed that it was impossible, my feeling said we belong together. The same was true of Jack, although he was also a realist. He didn’t want to ask me to give up my whole life, and he wouldn’t do it the other way around either.

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live in a village

I stayed for another four months, this time to see if I could really stay here and accept all that life in the countryside entails. This meant living in a village of five hundred, in a wooden house for my in-laws, surrounded by rice fields. There was the Internet, but the opening of the first small supermarket has yet to come. There I discovered a version of myself that I couldn’t get out of the Netherlands: more relaxed and less interested in being in control.

With my backpack and a one-way ticket I traveled after love

Before I actually immigrated to Thailand, I wanted to introduce Jack Nederland so he would know where I came from. I also wanted him to be able to meet my family and friends. And I thought financial reserves were important, so I worked another six months before traveling after love with a backpack and a one-way ticket.

Back to Holland

We lived in Thailand for six years. We lived simply, but the place and the quiet felt luxurious, especially when our house was ready. At first I thought I was missing out on my job, but that was just arrogance. I took care of children who were born in the Netherlands because the nearest hospital was an hour away from us.

At some point, the countryside started isolating me. I felt more and more isolated from the outside world, and although there were so many lovable people around, I missed out on real friendships. I was seen as the wealthy Western woman, which many people looked up to. In the meantime, I had set up a company and trained entrepreneurs online. I also miss direct contact.

“Although there are many lovable people around us, I have missed real friendships”

It was Jacques who suggested moving to Holland together. He saw that I was less happy, and in addition, things were not going well in his establishment. Less than five weeks after I was on the plane with the kids, Jack followed shortly after us. I’m still glad we made that choice. Life wasn’t there against us yet, but I knew it could be better. Not just for our family. I came out of love and out of love I came back.”

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