Gamefluencers Inge and Janine review: Games with animals in the lead

Board games are becoming more and more popular. Fortunately, there are a lot more fun games out there than Monopoly or Rummikub these days. Hundreds of games are released every year. But how do you know what a fun game is? We hope we can help you with that. Every month we are allowed to write a column for indebuurt Groningen, where we rate games. In addition to the evaluation, we take pictures in the atmosphere of the game and experience fun adventures. This month: animal-themed games.

It’s almost time; World Animal Day. The day when most people give their four-legged friend an extra tasty snack and more attention than usual. For us, Animal Day is the time to grab animal-themed toys from the closet. And believe us…there are quite a few! In this column, we tell you more about two recently released family games with animals on top.

1 – 4 players / 8 years old / 30 minutes

Savannah Park

In 999 Games’ Savannah Park, players all run a safari park in the vast savannah. Wild animals need places to drink water and must be protected from wildfires.

Play Savannah Park

Place all the animal tiles randomly on your personal game board. Players take turns deciding which chip everyone has to move. Players flip this token and place it on another available space. Play continues in this way until all the chips are placed in a different place.

While you are laying try to earn as many points as possible. This can be done in different ways. Visible fields of grass and trees eventually give you points, but most points can be earned from herds of animals. The number of animals in a herd multiplied by the number of water sources. You can also lose points/animals in fields with wildfires. The player who gets the most points wins.

Savannah Park Conclusion

The game is very accessible and suitable for the whole family. No complicated long rules, but clear short explanation. You are basically working in your own garden and there is very little interaction. Dwarsbooms are not included, but this also ensures that they remain comfortable on the table. Moreover, the game plays smoothly and you will learn it quickly. What we find annoying is that the tiles keep moving. It doesn’t stay firmly in place because you always have to remove tiles that fit the other tiles tightly. As a result, Janine in particular is always busy putting everything back in order. All tiles can be easily stored for each player in a cardboard box, so you have easy access to Savannah Park and everything is neatly stored in the box.

1-5 players / 8 years old / 45 minutes

means of comfort

In Happy Meeple Games all the players have a family of jungle animals. They prepare for winter by making their home as warm and comfortable as possible. The atmosphere of this game fits well with this time of year. Think knitted socks, blankets, candles, fresh apple pies, and warm cups of tea.

Play means of comfort

The game is played over 8 rounds/months where players assign workers to certain locations, which can provide advantages. Benefits are only activated when a dice with the correct number of points plus a factor is available. So you have to take risks now and then.

Before laying workers, each player may roll two dice from his family’s dice. This way you can estimate a little about the best place to place workers. Then the dice are rolled 4 joints that apply to all. Then all the players take turns searching for locations that can be activated. For example, you are trying to collect resources to buy convenience cards. The family with the most comfortable house wins before the first snow falls.

Conclusion creature comfort

This game is a feast for the eyes. The components are beautiful and the graphics are like paintings. We find the perfect balance between luck and strategy for a family game. It has a nice structure and you are basically working on your pit. You can combine some convenience cards. For example, a rocking chair and a blanket earn points separately, but if you have both, you get a bonus. When each player is busy activating, sometimes you have to wait for each other. This game is often on our table.

Are you hesitating between one of these games? We recommend Savannah Park if you are looking for a smooth and easy game. Do you play board games a lot and are you ready to play more extensively with more depth? So the creature comforts are great. Find more stylish reviews on our Instagram page @pion_iers.

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