Amy Nairt, mother of two, construction worker and professional boxer: “It’s sometimes a hectic problem, but I wouldn’t want it any other way” (Ingelmonster)

Amy Nart (34 years old) is a mother of two daughters and a professional boxer. Her boyfriend Evan Gloriaux runs a construction company, where she also works. Quiet work in your opinion: making invoices, issuing bids and some other administrative work. Appointment to start a day on the Emmy trail in Anzeigm. “On Dead End Street, No. 6A,” she says. I think the leadership is wrong, if it turns out to be a coincidence, as some men work. Checked on GPS and it is still correct. Misunderstood? No, it turns out quickly. Amy Nart approaches my car in her work clothes, holding the shovel in her hand. So she is not only a mother of two daughters and a professional boxer, but also a construction worker. “We are doing renovations, like here, but also new construction,” Evan says. “Amy has always really collaborated. And she’s not shy about working hard and hard.”

This becomes apparent when I see her busy in the mixing mill and I see buckets full of mortar being dragged along. The very heavy blue stone tiles Amy had to be sill and raised from a few meters away without any problem. A bag of cement should go into the ground. Amy is up the stairs. “Ah, it’s all good for the situation,” she laughs. The trowel is used to place a large seepage of mortar between the tile and the wall.

Gymnastics, volleyball and basketball

Anyway, we’ll talk about boxing of course. During the trip from Anzegem to Lille in France, where the sparring session is scheduled, she tells us how she started and what she still wants to achieve.

“I started gymnastics at a very young age and also played volleyball and basketball. I was very athletic, but when I was 18 I became a mother. Little time for exercise, but soon I started missing those physical efforts. My ex-husband cornered and went to training once One. I liked it and it became a weekly date. Then I went more times, up to four times a week. But training without a goal would quickly backfire. I am in any case. Then I had the opportunity as an amateur at Gentsboksgala to replace the cancellation and so the ball began to roll. I I won and then boxed 22 amateur fights with varying degrees of success. I also became a two-time champion of Belgium, until I got tired of helmet boxing and scored as a professional. That was ultimately what I wanted to do. I’ve now fought seven professional fights, and only lost one.”

We drive with her coach and coach Philippe Tampere to Lille, where Amy competes in six tough laps against a fierce French woman, followed by two more sessions on Filiep pads. Who gives constant advice and is satisfied with what they have seen of their latest addition to the Boxing Club Houtland room.

“It wasn’t clear the switch from Deco’s boxing team to Philip Tampere and Delphine Pearson’s club,” says Amy Naert. “I owe a lot to Deco, but I haven’t made any progress. For two years I’ve had promises that I’ll be able to win the Belgian title, but now I’m 34 and that was close. I had to think for myself. Filiep Tampere has now secured the Belgian title fight. Promise me if I win, there could be a European title fight. That’s what you dream about as an athlete. Apparently, the people at Deco were very angry about my substitution, but I don’t want to say more about it.”

Against the Bulgarians in Izegem

A Belgian super flyweight title fight was planned at the All Saints Classic Meeting in Izegem. Since there is no rival in Belgium, she is fighting against the Bulgarian Ivanka Ivanova (35 years – 27 matches, 5 wins, 3 matches zero), who does not have a positive record but always makes the rounds and some already famous opponents. It was. “What did you see on him? Youtube She is a tough lady, always choosing to attack,” says Amy Nart. “She won’t let go. So camp won’t be easy, but I’m ready for it.”

“What I saw here in the sparring Amy reassures me,” says Philip Tampere. “Amy picks things up very quickly and listens to advice. Really, I’m sure she will take that title. What is needed is in parentheses to allow boxing abroad. This is one of the new rules of the BA that makes no sense. So we are obligated to bring in someone from the outside to fight from For the Belgian title, there’s no Amy weight here. crazy Anyway, because that puts us at unnecessary costs.”

We’re back in Ingelmunster, where Amy lives, and it turns out that Ivan had forgotten to give his daughter Fientje (10) her gym bag with gymnastics equipment. Hailey is 16 years old and the daughter of her ex-boyfriend. “Ah, that could happen,” Amy sighed, and got into her car to take that bag to the gym at Izegem. “Sometimes it’s hard to make sure everyone has what they need, but it doesn’t bother me. I wouldn’t want it any other way.”

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