Vote for Vakury Winners of the Year Election – These are the games

During the summer holidays, a jury of experts tested and evaluated 156 games on a large scale. Three winners were selected in 15 categories. A total of 46 winners can proudly hold the Game of the Year quality label, so that consumers can recognize high-quality, safe and authentic games and games from the huge range at a glance. This is important because games are not always good and safe, especially on non-European websites. The public can choose from among these winners until October 30th. This is how the audience award is determined. Voters have the chance to win attractive prize packages.

good games
The most important spearhead of the election is “Good Toys”, to which all Dutch game publishers contribute. Nowadays, you can buy (cheap) games from national and international websites. But how does the buyer know if it is safe and meets European standards? That’s exactly what the Game of the Year election helps. With this quality mark, consumers know that they have bought good and safe toys that meet European standards. In addition, they are original, no imitations, they provide maximum gaming pleasure and contribute to development.

Emil Calles, Game of the Year award organizer:
“All games that you can buy in the Netherlands must be tested and meet the conditions in order to be safe and to ensure long-term enjoyment. The so-called “direct import” of non-European websites in particular often does not comply with European rules. It is impossible for customs to check all packages , which means a lot of defective toys enter the country. This problem is getting bigger and bigger. Every year, companies lose an estimated millions of euros in turnover, but above all they pose a danger to the safety of children. The European Union should expect this. With Election Game of the Year, we want to help parents make the right and safest choices.

New Categories
The election was renewed this year to make it easier to buy games. Categories are divided by topic. This year, there are winners in categories such as Outdoor Play, Kidult, Dolls, Plush, Science and Education. With this, the election wants to make a better effort to guide everyone who wants to buy games in finding the right games. The National Toy Gala will take place on November 8, where the winners of the public awards will be announced.

Winners’ Jury
All entries were judged by a professional jury made up of experts from the gaming industry on authenticity, safety, quality, fun, relationship to category, and durability. Three winners were announced in each category:

Action figures
Funko Pops! (Personal protective equipment)
Horse Club Sofia Beauty Salon (Shleich)
Pokemon Trainer Mission (Poti)

building and Construction
LEGO City Mars Exploration Missions (LEGO) spacecraft
Gravitrax Power – Starter Kit Launch (Ravensburger)
Pinball machine (smart)

outdoor play
X-Shot Last Stand Dart Blaster Graffiti Skins (16 arrows) (Zuru)
Lee Papatis (tactic)
Thief (BS)
Eco Create Decorate Your Room (Ravensburger)
I’m learning to recycle (jumbo)
Wiltopia Animal Care Center (Playmobil)
family games
Stella (Asmode)
Via Clues (Jeronimo Games)
Renator (hot games)
10 year old family games
Click! Great Wall of China (Jolly Dutch)
Herd behavior (Megableu)
Robin Hood (999 games)
Expert Games
Turning tides (never be board games)
Libertalia (999 matches)
The Hunger (Jeronimo Games)
Beedz Art – Frida Kahlo 5000 (SES Creative)
Botanical Orchid Set (LEGO)
Traffic congestion rearview mirror puzzle (cemeteries)
Peek at the zoo (smart games)
Dodo (999 games)
Head of Security (Identity Games)
craftsmanship and creativity
Dr. Squish Squash Maker (Potty)
3D Origami – Peacock (Selecta)
LEGO Points – Creative Unicorn Family Set (LEGO)
Little Stars Bath Fountain with Light (Toy Toys)
My First Cars Wobble (Smart Max)
Play-Doh Super Colorful Café Playset (Hasbro)
Magic Mixes Magic Cauldron with Real Mist (Spectron)
Puppycorn Rainbocorns (Zuru) Rescue Surprise
Woezel and Pip cats walk and talk (Van der Meulen)
Cry Babies Connie Dressi Crying Doll (Spectron)
Gabby’s Magical Dollhouse (Spinmaster)
LOL Surprise! OMG Fashion Show Style Edition – Missy Frost (MGA)

Maisto Tech RC Red Bull RB15 #33 Max Verstappen Formula 1 (De Tombe)
Exost RC Rhino Wave Amphibian Monster Truck (Spectron)

The story of the Chess King (Megableu)
Electronic Lab (Clementoni)
Interactive Video Microscope (Vtech)

Incentive Award 2022
Newcomer MaXimaal

Audience Award
Vote for the jury winners via and decide who will receive the audience prize. You also have a chance to win a great game and game collection.

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