This Italian region pays pregnant women to prevent abortion

For several days, Italy led the country’s first female prime minister, Giorgia Meloni of Fratelli d’Italia. But she is not a progressive woman. It represents traditional family values. Against more rights for the LGBTI community, against euthanasia and against abortion.

Right Alliance in Piedmont

It is in government with Matteo Salvini’s Lega and Silvio Berlusconi’s Forza Italia. It is one of the most right-wing governments in Italy since World War II. It is also the governing coalition at the regional level in Piedmont. this here:

Piedmont is the first region in Italy to implement amazing abortion plans initiated by the Fratelli d’Italia organization. A pregnant woman can now receive financial compensation, with the aim of persuading her to keep her children.

The government pays baby diapers

To achieve this, the regional government will pay the bills. Rent, equipment such as strollers, diapers, and other bills are charged to the government and not to the mother or the parents. This happens until the child reaches the age of 18 months.

Almost half a million euros were saved for the rest of this year to pay for everything. This money was put into the Emerging Life Fund. The purpose of this fund is to “protect life from pregnancy”. The money released is separate from the current Child Benefit.

Feminist organizations and left-wing politicians, among others, have nothing to say about the new policy. According to them, it limits a woman’s freedom of choice. But perhaps not many other Italians are surprised. “A large part of Italians don’t think this is a worrying policy, and it’s not bad,” says reporter Anouk Boon. “It’s not a headache file and not many see it as an inherently wrong direction. They say the right to abortion still exists.”

resistance in gynecology

But it is a trend. A trend that started a long time ago. Getting an abortion is not an easy task in Italy anyway. It’s been legally possible since 1978, but in reality it often looks different. “About 70 percent of gynecologists and other medical professionals do not perform the procedure for ideological or religious reasons,” Boone says. This means that some women sometimes have to travel hundreds of miles to have an abortion.”

This feeling does not disappear under Prime Minister Meloni. She doesn’t want to repeal the 1978 law, but she doesn’t want to make it easier for women either. There is a personal reason, among other things, that abortion is such an important issue for her. “Her mom thought about taking one of her kids away,” Boone says.

And that child is Giorgia Meloni herself. Meloni’s father was not a stable worker in the family, but rather ran away when Meloni was a few years old. And they weren’t very wealthy. When Meloni’s mother was pregnant with her, her environment encouraged her to choose an abortion. She eventually gave in and decided to keep the baby. Meloni lives With the idea that if her mother chose to have an abortion, she wouldn’t be there.”

Birth rate increase

In addition, Meloni would like to see an increase in the birth rate in Italy. “The country has one of the lowest birth rates in Europe,” says Poon. “The Italian is old on average. More people are needed to keep the economy going.” To do this, you would rather see more Italians being born than immigrants to make up for the shortage of people.

The government’s commitment to increasing the birth rate is reflected in the name of the ministry that has changed hands this year. Until recently, the Ministry of Family and Equal Opportunities existed. We are now talking about the Ministry of Family, Childbirth and Equal Opportunities. Minister in command: Eugenia Roccella of the ultra-conservative Fratelli d’Italia party.

Abortion is the dark side of motherhood

According to reporter Boone, she was appointed by Meloni to accommodate the party’s conservative constituency. For example, Roquela has spoken out against LGBT rights and also against abortion. “Abortion is the dark side of motherhood,” she said on a talk show. “I’m a feminist. Feminists didn’t really consider abortion.”

Some people responded indignantly on social media. For example, someone says: “Welcome back to the Middle Ages.”

Left-wing politician Laura Boldrini posted a video on Instagram in which she interrupted Rokella’s performance on the talk show with surprised faces.

It is a major blow to abortion supporters that the policy in Piedmont could be adopted by other regions. Especially in areas where the Fratelli d’Italia organization has great influence. It may even happen at the national level, especially with Rochelle as minister. “In any case, this administration is pushing abortion further into the taboo,” Boone said.

First speech as prime minister

Giorgia Meloni gave her first speech in Parliament as Prime Minister today. In it, she spoke about the importance of traditional family values. “We need to rediscover the beauty of fatherhood and put the family back at the heart of society,” she said.

She did not announce exactly the same procedure as in Piedmont, but planned to resemble it. “Our commitment is to increase child support amounts and help young couples get a mortgage for their first home,” Meloni said.

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