The suspect’s mother and ex-girlfriend classify him as a robbery gang killer

This is perhaps the largest investigation north of Amsterdam at the moment: seven people suspected of seven burglaries in a year. Today, it appears that an ex-girlfriend says she knows who shot Sajjak Grott and another witness only dares to reveal his identity about the robbery gang “for fear of reprisals”.

Pictures of thieves in Opsporing Verzocht – Opsporing Verzocht

Dot m suspects were found from Alkmaar, and Deniz R. From Updam, Obmerer and Mark F. In Alkmaar court today. Together with four others, they are seen by the Public Prosecution Office (OM) as members of a ruthless robbery gang. He was arrested in one year seven times.

But during the session it was mainly about a man who wasn’t around: Glenn F. From Nord-Sharwad. He is suspected of involvement in the robberies in Nieuwe-Niedorp and de Jorn and the murderer in Berkhot and in his village of Nord-Sharoyd. in addition to His DNA was found On the firearm that was used in several places, his mother appears to have stated his involvement.

According to her, she recognized her son on the photos of Opsporing Verzocht. Because of his gait and hair sticking out from under the balaclava. He is also said to have spoken openly with others about the burglaries in the home.

“In her words, she does not exclude anyone. She calls out the man and the horse.”

Mark F.’s attorney. About the testimonies of ex-girlfriend Glenn F.

Recently, statements from his ex-girlfriend were added. She refers to him as shooter During the robbery of Sagak Groot and killed him. She also says, for example, that she saw stolen cigarettes during the robbery at the gas station in her former home.

‘Witnesses threatening and affected’

Attorney Mark F. From Obmere Bob Tecott about this statement “In the 32-page manifesto, she made no exception. It calls out the man and the horse.” She would also say Mark V. of Opmeer was a driver for a robbery.

In addition, there is also evidence against him from chat conversations about an amount of money that will be in the victims’ home in Reumel in Gelderland. The prosecution considers that both Glenn F. and Mark F. Two group leaders.

One of the three prosecutors now working on this major case said in court today: “This is a criminal organization. We think four men are part of the permanent core and the others come and go.”

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Seven robberies in one year

August 8, 2020: An old couple, former peat traders, are hunted at night by five men robbed at home. The man from De Goorn can dodge a fatal bullet. They are abused with levers. Stolen: a small amount of money and two phones.

August 9, 2020: raid at a gas station in New Nieddorp. The employee being held at gunpoint is an 18-year-old teenager. The loot: cigarettes, first of all.

December 30, 2020: two spouses From Reumel in Gelderland At gunpoint in their bedroom. The woman was pulled from her bed by her hair. The booty: 15,000 euros and an Audi.

January 7, 2020: Becoming husband and wife Robbed in their home. Booty: at least one coinage.

June 8, 2021: A couple and their son from De Noord (Heerhugowaard) are stunned by a group of men who are at home. They are struck with iron. Booty: Unknown.

June 21, 2021Chuck Groot of Berkhut wakes up to the noise and confronts a gang of thieves. in a struggle Was he shot?.

early July: A West Frisian man is found dead in his home. Suspected suicide. firearm It appears to have been used In multiple burglaries. Based on the reports, he was assigned by the Public Prosecution Office for theft in Barkhout.

July 22, 2021: a neighborhood in Noord-Scharwoude stunned double house robbery. A man tied up, strangled and shot. Another, too, bleeds into the neighbor’s garden. Booty: Unknown.

According to her, this gang is not ashamed of violence: victims are tortured, strangled and shot. In addition, they would try to influence witnesses, threatening a witness and, for example, only one person who would dare to testify if it could be done anonymously.

Lawyers today argue that there is no evidence, “only hearsay.” Geert Jan Kruzinga, a lawyer for the suspect, Denise R.

Reliability statement debatable

He found the fact that today the court allowed a witness to hear the investigative judge anonymously – that person says he has more information about the case, but fears reprisals, according to sources surrounding the investigation.

“I cannot test the reliability of these statements,” the attorney explained to NH Nieuws after the hearing. The Public Prosecution also views his Obdam client as the “hard core” and suspects him of involvement in at least three burglaries.

The other suspects, Ruffini M. (According to the Public Prosecution, Fourth Axis), A Herhogoaardar (Which has yet to happen), so Glenn V. will appear at a provisional hearing later this year. The seventh suspect, a citizen of Rotterdam (partner of M.) is the only one who has certain conditions due to his care of his child.

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