Keil at Den Bosch and Fuchs catchy names

Lists of players are presented at Hoofdklasse and Women’s Tulip Hoofdklasse. Like every year, there are some cute names in between. Players who are out of action, former international players and even coaches are organized in case this happens. See all lists of top Eredivisie players here. We have listed the most eye-catching names below.

Sian Keel is one of those notable names. After landing with Orange Road, the 26-year-old said goodbye to the best hockey player. However, as usual, Kyle can be found in the list of players in the Eredivisie major. Not in the doomed Orange-Road, not in her former club Pinocchi, but in her “big love” Den Bosch.

A choice that outspoken Keil has been thinking about for a long time, as it turns out. “After landing with Orange-Red, I had purposely said goodbye after a long period of hesitation,” Keil says. People know me as someone who is always passionate about hockey. I ate bowls of food in the car, and traveled back and forth from Amsterdam, but I also work full time. It was almost impossible, I didn’t have a life anymore and decided to focus on the marathon. Also really a thing for me, haha.

Sian Keel faded as a top hockey player after landing with Orange Road, but when Den Bosch coach Marieke Dykstra called, the match started to sour again. Photo: William Vernes

A phone call from Den Bosch coach Marek Dykstra this summer has once again raised suspicion with Kyle. “I asked Mariki how far I’d been and if I wanted to stay at Den Bosch with my expertise,” Kyle laughs. I couldn’t believe it, but he immediately started itching again. The idea now is that I will train with the team every Tuesday evening, so I can keep the ball in good shape.

Is there a good chance we’ll actually see the brilliant player again playing yellow and black? “Players first are first,” Cale said with certainty. “But if it comes down to it – I hope not, because that means there are a lot of injuries – I will do my best.”

Only in extreme, extreme, extreme emergencies—and at that 20th time—I wear hockey socks again. Maartje Paumen, Assistant Coach Tilburg

Whoever said goodbye to the best hockey game last season was Malu Phoenix. The 31-year-old quarterback does not leave her second home at Klapperboom. Pheninckx (108 caps) is number 22 and last on the list with the Utrecht formation. This place on the players list means Pheninckx likely won’t be playing, but if it comes to Kampong that high, Pheninckx is happy to help her former team out of the fire.

The most striking name can be found in the lists of players from the Dutch top league in Tilburg. The former Dutch national team’s penalty corner pistol is on the list there: Martje Baumen.

Assistant coach Baumen (235 caps) was also registered for this team as the 19th player in the new main division Brabant. We hear laughter when we ask for a text and an explanation, only to answer rudely “that there’s only one place left on the menu in Tilburg”. “Only in the most extreme, extreme, extreme emergencies — and at that 20th time — do I wear my hockey socks again,” Baumen confirms. “Then there must really be an injury wave within the team, but of course we don’t hope for that.”

Assistant coach Martje Baumann listens carefully to coach Ajith Baumgardt. Photo: William Vernes

Clubs in the Big League may list a maximum of 22 players, and therefore they are eligible to play in the Big League. Young players can also participate in the main team, even if they are not on the list. Not all teams in the Women’s Big League have enough players to complete 22 names, which is also not mandatory. Den Bosch, HDM and Klein Zwitserland each scored twenty players, and Bloemendaal will start the new season with 21 players on the roster.

Hoofclass Tulip for men

Eye-catching names also stand out among the Blomendale men. Gap Stockmann “Old Age” is the number 22 player on the list. It was also last season and then the former goalkeeper had to take part in the match against Tilburg. Wouter Jolie appeared frequently in the Sparrows last season and again on Bloemendaal’s roster. Manager Rick Mathiesen may also be able to call up Florian Fox this season, who said farewell to last season’s Premier League and National Championship title.

Departed Florian Fox on the shoulders after Blumendale won the national title over Pinocchi. Photo: Queen Suiko

At Oranje-Rood, Robert van der Horst slipped as coach. He changed positions with former assistant coach Jeroen Bart, who now stands in front of the dugout as head coach. This paves the way for Van der Horst to be “Mister Orange-Red” in 22nd place And the last player to be included in the list of PSV Eindhoven players.

Rotterdam is lucky to have Tristan Algera on the list. Algeria bid farewell to the best hockey player after last season so that he can focus fully on his own business. If new coach Robin Roach is up for grabs, he could nonetheless give the former international 21 caps to his name. He is in the twenty-first place on the list of players with the inhabitants of the coastal city.

Just as in the women’s Hoofdklasse, teams in the men’s Tulip Hoofdklasse are allowed to register 22 players for the new season. Most clubs are eagerly exploiting this. Only HGC and PhD students, Schaerweijde and HDM did not score the maximum number of players allowed with twenty players.

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