The mother dies, is damaged and injured after a panic

Krimpen aan de Lek – On Tuesday, a volunteer from the Krimpen aan de Lek dog school got a strange surprise when she saw a small fawn running back and forth on the training ground. The calf was clearly in a panic and looking for a way to escape. A little later the mother discovered a deer that was half dangling across the fence, and unfortunately it was already dead. Along with someone who also has a place on the site, we looked at what can be done to help the fawn.

Antelope claws against the fence in fear.

During the first attempt to reach the animal ambulance, the calf was startled by the barking of the small dog that the volunteer was carrying. It took a leap and she fell into a banister, after which she lay on the floor screaming in pain. While trying to calm the antelope and keep it on the ground, another attempt was made to get to the animal ambulance. Unfortunately, the animal ambulance in Gouda is understaffed and therefore difficult to call quickly in case of emergency. So it was decided to call the forester, but because he was not immediately available, the police were called. They were calling the animal ambulance. Fortunately, the forester also called immediately, and was unable to attend himself due to the activities, but he sent a colleague.

Photo: © Regio Online – Joke Rietveld

Rapid response police and guard.

Fortunately, the police and forestry were quickly on site and it was possible to see how he was swaying. One of the officers did not hesitate for a moment and immediately knelt on the muddy grass beside the antelope. To calm the calf a little, a cloth was placed over his head. A gentleman from the game management also came to watch the mother and the calf and assess whether the calf would survive. He concluded that the calf is still breastfed by the mother, and therefore needs special care. Fortunately, the injuries weren’t too bad, but the stress could have killed a calf.

A police officer calms the antelope. Photo © Zone Online – Rietveld Joke

Raw goat’s mother died a terrible slow death

According to the Department of Game and Forestry, the mother goats fought a long battle before dying. It remains unclear how the deer and its daughter arrived at the site. Mother and child may have been chased the night before by one or more stray dogs and ended up across a ditch at the site where they hit a fence in a panic, which they could have easily jumped over, was the conclusion of the woodland. . The dog may have even followed the goat and calf onto the property, causing them to flee the fence in a panic. There were more casualties than just crossing the fence. Oddly enough, this had gone unnoticed, the mother must have cried so much in her extreme agony. During the day there were still people on site. The accident must have occurred between noon on Monday or evening. If anyone has more information about this, you can report it to the police. It is hoped that if there is indeed a dog that has chased animals, the owner will take responsibility upon seeing these distressing images and report it to the police.

The roe goat died a terrible death. Photo © Zone Online – Rietveld Joke

Antelope hope for shelter

Perhaps the antelope can still be helped. There is a deer sanctuary in Soest. The game management man will take the calf first and take it to the sheep pen to take care of it and let it recover from the shock. When she is calm enough and can be moved, she will be taken to Soest to recover. At the moment, it is not yet known whether the calf was strong enough and was brought to Soest, or whether it should be put to sleep after all.

The dog policy will likely be modified again

For a long time, the dog-free zone was seen as an area that dogs could enjoy. However, there are rules attached to this, which you can find in the Green Alliance’s dog policy. Areas where dogs are allowed off leash, leash only, or not allowed at all are indicated. Also, the dog is not allowed to hunt. If your dog can’t control his hunting instinct, it’s best not to let him get away. A long leash is an option to give your dog some freedom. In the evening and morning, deer graze on or on the edges of the grass. Walking on these grass strips with a stray dog ​​can lead to a confrontation with deer. You probably don’t see deer so fast, you can just walk there, just like in the woods, without seeing them. Because of the camouflage color and standing, deer can hide well. But a dog that chases its nose, even when you walk on the sidewalk, will notice the game early and before you even notice that your dog is chasing a deer. Which, as you can see, can have serious consequences.

Posts (HUS = Exhaust Strip dogs) indicating whether the dog can be released or should be on a leash. Photo © Zone Online – Rietveld Joke

But also bike paths belong Not to an off-leash area, though there are many people who don’t know or don’t want to know. However, it is clearly indicated by the posts with signs, and as soon as you leave the footpath and have to cross a bike path, you must leash the dog. Many cyclists have already fallen due to stray dogs on the bike path. When you walk on a bike path with your dog in the evening, because you think it is possible because it is quiet, your dog can smell the game grazing on a grass strip and chase after it. Do you want to keep the unrestricted area? Then take your responsibility, stick to the rules, and keep your dog up front if indicated and if there is a slight chance that your dog will chase the game.

There are clear signs indicating where the dog may be leashed or leashed. Photo © Regio Online – Joke Rietveld

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