‘Only my sisters and I know who the father of my son is’

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Mila was not at all expecting to get pregnant after that drunken evening with a married man. Not even with her strong desire to have children.

Mila (28 years old) is a single mother to a son (3).

“He was limiting, I also knew when he became very comfortable with Sharif during the third inning at the football club where I play. He coached the young girls, and I played for the women’s team. He was ten years older than me, but that didn’t stop me from finding him attractive. Incredibly. Everyone who coached him adored him. No wonder he’s been happily married for years and has two daughters by blood.

I wish for children

When I was a little girl I knew I wanted to be a mother, preferably before I was 25. My mother and aunts also had children at a young age. It gave me a fun, busy and playful childhood, and I wanted that for my kids too.

My first and only serious relationship fell apart when I was 23, so I couldn’t see my desire to be a mother fulfilled soon enough. And then, during the 1,000th issue of Bacardi Cola, I spoke to the sheriff.

“I talked about my desire to have children, and about his marital problems”

We’ve known each other through football for years, but our conversations were always superficial. Now I just put my desire to have children on the table. Sharif, in turn, spoke frankly about the bad weather his marriage was going through. He wanted a third child, but his wife finished with him.

I don’t know what made me dare to open up in this way, but suddenly I was sitting with tears in my eyes. Of course my desire to have children would be fine, I was only twenty-four years old. But in my dreams I imagined myself at this age with the “big picture”.


The first house I bought, I got married, and if only I got it, and a baby in my arms. There is no bachelor in a rented apartment, with a resounding desire to have children and no prospect of a relationship. Suddenly the sheriff said, “I will help you.” I thought behave normally. He was already a father and ruining the marriage was the last thing I wanted. “Think about it calmly,” he insisted. I wouldn’t be a father, see me as a donor, but I’d love it if I could see my baby a few times a year. Then in a few years we’ll see what we tell him or her about me.

I was shocked. Was he serious about this? Then he should at least discuss the matter with his wife. You must make a contract in any form. And did I really want to consciously become a single mother to a father I loved more than just? Nothing seemed unreasonable to me.

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That fermented night

The glass kept coming, and before I knew it I was sitting in the car in a deserted parking lot near the Sheriff. Both are unable to drive, or think clearly. The first kiss left us defenseless, and the lovemaking that followed was all that didn’t suit me. Secret, forbidden, banal. And incredibly delicious.

“The last thing I wanted was pregnancy”

On the bike home it all seemed like a dream. Until less than four weeks later, I had a positive pregnancy test on my hand. Even though Sheriff showed it herself, the last thing I wanted from that drunken night was pregnancy. I didn’t want him to think that I was orchestrating his marriage or spoiling his marriage.

I promised him that I would not demand anything, on condition that when my son was old enough, he would allow me to tell him honestly about his father. Sharif agreed, saying, “This is the responsibility I am supposed to bear for my actions.”

the truth

I told the midwife and those close to me that Kafe was treated during one night with a man about whom I have no data. Only my sisters know how it is. I like it just in case something happens to me, so I know for sure that one day Kavey will know the truth. I no longer play football. Sharif has only seen his son in the pictures. I apply it once every few months.

Sometimes I lie awake feeling guilty about his daughters who don’t know they have a brother. And to Sharif’s wife who knows nothing of this either. However, I do not consider it my responsibility. I take care of my child. Hopefully this will have a brother or sister in the future.”

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