Where does this right-wing ignorance come from?

Where does the unscrupulousness come from that makes men who interact in forums so cruel and illegal, against human rights principles, react to the horrific reports of teenagers, children sleeping in cardboard tents in Brussels?

The unpleasant facts that the mayor removed those tents (in my beautiful eyes). The disturbing news that the relevant foreign minister and governments “can’t get out”…

In recent days, writers and columnists Bieke Purnelle and Gaea Schoeters have rang the bell in high-quality literary style at De Standaard.

A clear confrontational analysis of this cowardly and incompetent behavior of politicians.

But how shocked you will be when you see the written reactions to this appeal.

There is a lot of shooting at the messenger. It seems that there are many readers who do not understand this. Which makes counter-calls to writers, reckless as they are, of the “What are you doing? Shoot yourself into action.” While, of course, there are administrative bodies and institutions created for this purpose that receive funds. Gaea and Bieke are doing an excellent job, they are writers.

A man, Pierre, scolds the columnist for bringing her emotions to their place. As if the sarcasm of some readers has nothing to do with emotions.

After reading these terrible and inhuman “opinions”, I ask myself the question of why, the deeper reasons for what can only be read as “the unconscious”.

After some thought, I came to a hard truth. I fear that this way of doing things, which is of course especially popular with far-right political formations, is a toll we are collectively paying for the “abolition of motherhood” that I’ve seen happen since the 1960s.

Hi it’s the first analysis, but I’d like you to think about it for a moment.

Remember that from time immemorial, after birth, the child developed his language and language skills mainly in interaction with the mother, all over the planet. Hence the term mother tongue.

Well, over the past 20 years or so, I have occasionally come across adults who no longer understand the meaning of this beautiful word.

What might be the reason?

What has changed?

Mothers are no longer there to teach their children the language until the age of three!

The industrial complex, the latter in a commercial and psychological sense, removed mothers from the womb of families.

I should use the word banner flight, I’m afraid.

Even before the conscience was formed, it was clear to me for a long time, after much observation and reflection, that this mainly takes place in the young man because the woman as a mother instills in her child a sense of good and evil.

Reading and thinking at a later age is helpless if the germ is not present, and awareness of the good.

Meanwhile, these two very important basic skills, drained deep into the endless deep hole in the center of Kate Ruth’s cake.

When mothers abandon basic maternal values ​​(characterized by selfless warmth, kindness, care, and palpable love), and replace them with something like wage labor, and thus … for business logic, business ethos, then the inevitable logical consequence is that the next generation is a dam.

Then the students of keyboard chatter, who, as children, have never received enough warm, tangible love, react with rude selfishness and prefer their material comfort to human help, compassion and principles such as human rights towards people.

Then reading comprehension drops dramatically, and in this trajectory, other subjects in school.

Then you get waiting lists in youth psychiatry and unheard of situations like 10-year-olds urgently with suicide plans.

The list is incomplete.

Let’s think about this.

Let us try to rally the opposing forces, if it is not too late.

I’m afraid that the human earth has been left out of society. Sacrifice on the altar of money income. and the intellectual development of some women who were not born for motherhood, who inadvertently undermined the entire institution.

The heart of the mother became the heart of money. And in this line, too, is a robotic heart. Something Chinese sages like Zuang Zi warned about four centuries BC.

It is time for the well-understood basic baccalaureate and the baccalaureate in nature.

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