Powerful timing: Clean six surfaces and cut one in ten days

More than thirty years later, jockey Alexandra van der Peijl of Oene thought it was time to renovate the roofs of her company’s buildings. She invited in Kok Dak & Wand for this. Their timing was so strong that her horses had to stay in another stable for a maximum of ten days.

Alexandra van der Beijl has been a lover of horses her whole life. After gaining experience in large stables, she has had her own company in the village of Gelderland in Oene since 1990. There she trains young horses, both for dressage and jumping. It does not work according to a fixed recipe, but depends on the possibilities that each individual horse has.

It follows a clear system of three phases: the learning phase to identify the bridle and bit, the walk and place of washing, the second phase to build training and conditions and the third phase to confirm what has been learned. It goes without saying that horses should feel comfortable with this. In the stable, much attention is paid to the welfare and safety of horses, for example with skylights and exterior gates.

The new halls built by Van der Peijl at her company’s site in Oene have asbestos-free first batch covered ceilings. “Those roofs were past their heyday and I also had four stables whose roofs already had asbestos,” says Van der Peijl. Last year, she wanted to clean everything at once. A friend of the client advised her to ask for several quotes and bring in family business Kok Dak & Wand from Uddel. It turned out to be a good idea: “I was surprised how accurate the quote was, much lower than the others, and at the same time very professional.”

It’s good to see how well everyone gets along with such a great team

Alexandra van der Begel, horse owner in Ueny

Kok Dak & Wand specializes in the supply and installation of ceilings and facades. They do this all over the Netherlands and offer renovation, asbestos treatment or new construction.

Horses temporarily elsewhere

After Van der Peijl discussed her desires with Kok Wand & Dak, work began. To be honest, the waiting time wasn’t too bad for me, it was just a few months. We went out in November, which is a fairly difficult time, but I was able to temporarily house my horses elsewhere. Most of them were in another fold for a week, some for a maximum of ten days, so it was possible. I was amazed at how quickly things went, and the timing was great. And without sacrificing care; For example, they hired another company to extend the safety nets. “

light cameras

The businessman explains that it is not only about cleaning the roofs, but also about taking down one of the stables. This was an old building, from the 1920s, that was located next to another stable. The two stables are now the same height and it was all done very precisely, because Kok Dak & Wand took with him a carpenter who expertly lowered the attic. I am very satisfied with the way they treat my company as a whole in their work. For example, I mentioned the light burrs the family business made at the low end of the stable that were finely finished.

Alexandra van der Begel of Oene. Photo: Ruben Meijerink © Kennispartner

Kok Dak & Wand cleaned the two asbestos-free halls and delivered and installed new roof panels. They removed asbestos from the roof of the four horse stables and installed new roof cladding. The company also accomplished more than what was agreed upon. Van der Peijl: “Of course I don’t know anything about surfaces, so some things changed while I was working. So I decided to add more points of light in one place and fewer points of light in another. They did it precisely without charging extra costs. I thought it was great that I see how they worked with a great team, where everyone was very familiar with each other.

after service

The entrepreneur is also satisfied with the after service. There are always some little things, like a leaky drain. They corrected it immediately. And the lines are short: when I call, I instantly find someone on the phone or call them back right away. They clearly explain what they will do and what the costs are; It really feels like a trusted partner and my company has become more beautiful.

The horses on the farm are now quite accustomed to the new situation. In addition to training horses, Van der Peijl is also involved in breeding, breeding, trading and providing guidance. Many horses started their sporting careers in Owen’s stable. Of the fifty horses she now keeps, she has bred some of the horses herself, but the majority belong to other owners. You can think of my company as a boarding school for horses, which are sometimes very brutal when they enter. With my team I’m trying to get them back in class. that’s good.

Save on energy costs

Kok Dak & Wand supplies roofing and wall coverings to the agricultural sector, but also to the construction and non-residential industry. The safe, rapid and responsible removal of asbestos-containing roofs and the installation of new roofs also belong to their area of ​​expertise. The company has gained a great deal of knowledge about the use and processing of various materials. Part of the company’s ingenuity is the concern for cost savings and sustainability. Oftentimes clients can reduce their fixed costs with insulating ceiling and wall panels. In many cases, they can save more than 1,000 euros per year in electricity and heating costs. Kok Dak & Wand has already served over thousands of clients across the Netherlands. The wishes of the customer are fundamental in this matter and they provide tailor-made solutions.

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