Eindhoven Tara will soon publish her first picture book: “Because of my illness, I had a place for it’

Tara Horwig (27 years old) from Eindhoven was already fond of drawing as a young girl. Now she creates and paints picture books. Her first picture book will be out soon to the moon Thanks to the crowdfunding campaign. “It’s so special that my children’s book will soon be read.”

picture book to the moon It is about Tinus the Cockchafer. He dreams of flying to the moon, but on his way there he is distracted by artificial lights from the human world. Will he be able to fulfill his dream?

Tara came up with this story while studying at the Academy of Design in Eindhoven. “For a project we were in a country house in nature and there were many May beetles. I noticed that they kept hitting the window. For example, I found out that the beetles might need moonlight to navigate, but this is not possible due to light pollution.”

Lyme disease

In 2018, Tara discovered she had Lyme disease, which forced her to drop out of the Design Academy. “The idea of ​​the picture book has been on my mind for a long time. Because of my illness, I suddenly have the space to start. In the hours when I had the energy, I could work on it at my own pace. Coming up with ideas and making things inside of me, I can’t stop it. Drawing gives me perspective when I don’t know where my body is going.”

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Now her picture book is a fact. Tara proudly displays the book’s colorful illustrations on the computer. She also incorporated drawings of her cat Moose and her parents’ home. “No one else sees such details, but I know. That’s what makes it so interesting.”

Read in class

I worked on it for four years. “There were also times when I didn’t like the book anymore. My mother, who is a kindergarten teacher, read the story to her class with my IWB drawings. Then I asked: Should Tara continue the story? All the kids shouted ‘Yes.’ They talked about it later And even once they brought a dead Cockroach. That was such a boost to me that I still wanted to finish my picture book.”


At first, Tara sent her story and illustrations to several publishers, but received no response. “Then I thought: I want the book to come out, so I’m going to do it myself.” Knowing from the Academy of Design, Tara already knew quite a bit about what was needed for this. “For example, your drawings need to be professionally scanned and the appropriate paper to be selected for printing.” She set up a crowdfunding campaign and reached her goal in just four days. With the amount raised, she can print 500 copies of her book. It is expected to be ready in September.


The picture book is intended for children aged three to six years. Tara hopes to educate them about nature. “I think it is special that my story will be read to the children soon. You can sow the seeds in the children so that they learn something new. They already have a natural relationship with animals and nature. Me too. For example, we used to have a cat, rabbits and a chicken in the house. I always asked My uncle, who was also a painter, liked to paint animals as a child.”

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Tara with her cat Moose in front of her studio in Strijp-S. Photo: close

connection with nature

Tara is originally from Deventer, but has moved to Eindhoven for her studies. She now lives here with her boyfriend in Strijp-S, where she also has her own studio. “It’s like a village within a city. I feel so much at home here. Do I get inspiration from the city? It’s not tangible, but since I live in Eindhoven I’ve started working with my company Pretenaar and my book. Even though I live in the city, I’m still looking for a connection to nature.” I love going out to breakfast with my cat moose at the picnic tables here.”

to dream

The story of Tinus the Cockchafer reminds us of Tara’s own story. “I didn’t think of it that way, but when I look at it now, it’s a bit like it. To dream of something and succeed unexpectedly. For me, the book also symbolizes the end of a difficult period and the beginning of a new one in which I hope my illness plays a role. less “. But Tara dreams further. She has already started her second picture book about what a baby looks like in the womb. “That’s more for dads to conceive of pregnancy, but definitely for kids as well.”

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