Talking about money is my secret weapon.

A life full of adventures, that’s what Claudio wanted. He invested all his savings and… he lost everything. In this series about talking about money, which we make with Rabobank, he says, “It may not sound exciting, but talking about money is the secret weapon if you want to be financially strong.”

Do you have a conversation with your friends, family or colleagues about your financial situation? Many people find it difficult. Claudio (28) No more. He even discusses financial matters and his concerns with his employer.


“A lot of people get stressed out because of their financial concerns, so it’s good to be open about it at work. For me, this support means that I know there are people I can turn to. My employer sees my potential and wants to nurture it, of course this is only possible if I You feel good as an employee. The support I receive makes me so excited to do my best.”

Claudio also talks openly about his financial situation with his family, friends, and partner, but that wasn’t always the case. “In the past, people would talk about lack of money, saving and being cautious about spending. The topic has always been difficult to discuss and burdensome.”


When he moved from his native Curaçao to Holland to study at the age of eighteen, it took a while before he spent a little more money than he used to, for example on clothes and parties. “I always made sure I had something on hand.”

However, he felt the need for more adventure. “I felt very strongly that I wanted to break out of the permanent job pattern and spend money prudently. So I invested everything in personal training courses, an entrepreneurial coach and running my own gym.” It was also borrowed for this purpose.

no fist

Claudio had more work than time. “I thought: As long as there is enough, everything will be fine. But when I look back at that period, I see that I am completely He has no control over my financial situation. In the end, the corona pandemic was the final blow. “All my money was in business and all expenses went on, but I no longer had any income. The stress that resulted was not good for my health.”

Then he realized that there was an urgent need to change his “unhealthy relationship with money”. “I was so afraid of debt or not having enough money that I stopped looking at how things would respond. Now I know I have a lot of people. Then you need someone who encourages you to look that fear in your eyes.”

less strict

Claudio eventually chose a permanent job and voluntarily entered debt counseling. I’ve already paid off a lot of debt, but not all. Asking for help was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do in my life.”

The more he talks about his financial concerns, the less exciting it becomes. “It may not sound exciting, but talking about money is the secret weapon if you want to be financially strong. It ensures that I better stick to the steps I am taking to be financially healthy and that I am less strict with myself.”

Share concerns

Claudio was afraid that people would judge him. “But I just received sympathy. At first I felt guilty about my partner because my financial situation was stressing our relationship and affecting our future together. But my partner is grateful that we can do this together.”

He now has a “better relationship with money”. “I keep track of everything, set aside a fixed amount each month to pay off my debts and buy more consciously, eg used more often. I share my interests more easily with my friends and family, as well as being seen. My mother just needed a new sofa and immediately sent it to Marktplaats!”

Claudio shares his story because he hopes it will encourage people who don’t control their finances to start the conversation and seek help if needed. also Rabobank considers being open about finances to the people around you is important, as it allows you to learn from each other and helps break taboos. At the moment in particular, in a period when almost every Dutchman is feeling inflation, rising energy costs in their wallets and growing financial concerns, there is an urgent need for this. Do you find it difficult to start a conversation or do not know how to start? read Advice on Talking about money gives you more peace and insight. It’s nonetheless A first step towards a financially healthier life.

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Talking about money is my secret weapon.

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